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Anichkov Bridge
St. Petersburg, Russia

Horse Source - offers a comprehensive list of and links to horse-related sites
Kris Carroll's Horse Country - a delightful variety of horse articles, photos and references
The International Museum of the Horse - a must-see for horse scholars
Best of Horses - a comprehensive catalog of Websites

So, You Think You Love Horses? - Some Reflections on the Nature of Horses and Man, by Howard Lanham

About the author:
As soon as I was able to focus on pictures while still in my crib, I was fixated on horses.  So said my father, so I guess my passion for horses was a genetic mutation.  Growing up in a big city meant limited opportunities to ride, so I did the next best thing.  I read everything and anything I could get my hands on about horses and held on to my dream of owning a horse someday.  The dream came true and I've owned three horses in the past 14 years.   As for the rest of my life, I'm currently an attorney in a general practice, having tried my hand at news editing and tour-group leading.  I also write (a lot) for various journals and newsletters, travel, take photographs, volunteer for local social service agencies and socialize with friends in Mensa.

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Home       Domestication       The Classical Period       The Middle Ages       Modern Times
East and West, a Comparison        Bibliography        Links       Essay

Any information, suggestions or contributions would be greatly appreciated.  I am particularly interested in material on the use and training of horses in Asia.   Please email me at:

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