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Pente, Renju, and Gomoku

Pente Tournaments

Pente tournament champions from various tournaments


 Download Pente 10.4 for Windows
It searches 1-18 moves ahead, with options for extended searches
to provide a challenge to the human.
Version 10.4

 Download Noesis6 which plays Connect6 -- version 1.1

Download Pente opening book for MS Word -- over 300 openings (139K)
(also available in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format)

Download 131 Pente games for my program (new text format) from the '83 Championship

Pente for Beginners by Alexander Nosovsky
A good chapter on Pente strategy for beginners/intermediate. Download zipped RTF file (RTF can be read by most wordprocessors)
Get the file here: Pente for Beginners in English at Nosovsky's Japanese Games Page
Oleg's web site
Click on the "neHTa" link from the main page. Includes a pente game analysis page!
Download Oleg Stepanov's Pente game database - a DOS program that lets you view hundreds of games filtered by opening moves. Allows you to convert any position into a .wmf graphics file. Includes 3761 games (1 May 2001) from Richard's Play by EMail plus live tournaments and games from Dweebo's Pente Online site. (Hit F4 to switch databases).

Download NOESIS 2.1 for WINDOWS
Winner of 3rd place in game tournament in third Computer Renju Championship.
Plays Renju and Gomoku including new tournament gomoku rules.


Learn about Renju and other 5-in-a-row games:

Renju International Federation

Try Real time game site including Pente

And a site for turn-based Pente and Keryo Pente: brainking

Or play pente and other games by Email...

Richard's Play by EMail

Play Pente on a Java server against other people:

Peter Hewitt's Java server (Dweebo's Stone Games)

Play Pro-Pente at Its Your Turn.

A good Pente program for Linux:

 Bill's Pente program

Buy a general game-playing program which will play a good game of Pente:

Zillions of Games
(Email me to find out how to modify the rules so it will play Pente.)

Download shareware Pentango program -- fair opponent


Another program under construction...

XO program by Mark Okun

Solving the game of Renju (without tournament opening):

Download word doc by Wagner and Virag

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Scott Justice's site with his new puzzle Pente World

Hungarian Pente Site

Magazine devoted to  Abstract Games

Brien's Pente Page
California Renju Club
Hjärntorgets Sällskapsspelsällskap (Swedish Gameclub)

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