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Java Applet for Instant Insanity Puzzle

Directions for applet:
The object is to arrange the faces of the cubes so that if you stacked the cubes, each of the four long sides of the stack would show four different colors. In this representation of the cubes, the four long sides of the stack are made up of the vertical columns of four squares on each cube, not the two side squares. So, in other words, you have to make each of the faces in the vertical columns of four squares a different color on each cube.

To rotate the cubes, click on a face and it will rotate the cube clockwise about that face. To get back to the starting configuration, hit Reset, to get another starting configuration, hit Scramble, and to see the solution hit Answer. There are 41,472 possible configurations of the cubes (not counting symmetrical ones) 3x24x24x24.

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Java Applet for MasterMind

Directions for applet:
Guess the colors of the four hidden pegs. To guess, select the color of the pegs in order, then hit Clear to erase your guess or Enter to score it. You will see a black peg displayed for every peg which is in the correct position and is the correct color. You will see a cyan peg for every peg which is a correct color but not in the correct position. You get 10 guesses, or hit Quit to see the hidden code.
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