The "Over the Hill" gang

Meets nightly around 2200 EST around 1.916.0 Mhz (+/- depending on QRM).

(Last updated  - March 14, 2011 )

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The "Over the Hill" gang is a bunch of old retired, semi-retired or wish they were retired hams that meet each night up on 160 meters. To be regular of this group, you need to be over 50 years old and have been a ham for a good portion of that time, have a crazy sense of humor and just enjoy rag chewing but we do allow special "exemptions" for unique individuals that don't meet the required qualifications. Of course anyone (except "lids") are welcome to drop in and say "hi". If you become a regular, I'll post your picture up here for all to see!

On any given night we might have half a dozen or more hams on frequency and some of these characters are: 



WA3ZII - Mike

Clinton, MD


W3RL - Larry

Ft. Washington, MD


N4PR - Clarence

Chesapeake, VA

Mike was first licensed in 1975. Prefers QRP CW and working SSTV and some DX on occasion. Mike has earned the following operating awards: WAS/DXCC (QRP), WAZ and DXCC (Phone and CW with currently 284 countries worked). Currently works as a Asst. Director in the IT department at a small college in southern Maryland. Other interests include astronomy, camping, playing golf and bowling. His son Brian is KA3UCU but is inactive.    Licensed in 1979, Larry joined the 160 crowd in 1981.  Larry has earned the following operating awards: WAS, WAC, WAZ, DXCC, (CW and SSB with 302 total countries worked), the Rag Chewers award and is a life member of the ARRL. He belongs to the following clubs: A.R.C.I. #9680, 10X #25788, FISTS CW club, NAQCC #3999 and EastCars #30286.
His brother Bill (N6GWY) lives in San Diego, California.  Larry & Bill can be found operating “Coast to Coast” on 80 meters, (3.913-N7IU net), during the winter months and on 10 meters, (all over the place),  during the summer months.  Larry can usually be found on 3.605,  in the late afternoon and in the late evening on 1.916.  Both frequencies are “Over The Hill Gang” informal rag chews.
Besides amateur radio, his other primary hobbies are astronomy/astronomical photography and antique pocket watch and clock repair/collecting.
  Clarence is a retired Electronics Technician and once worked as  police officer (among other things). He's been a ham for over 42 years and likes his Merlot!
Rigs: Yaesu FT01000MP,  Ten Tec Pegasus, Elecraft K2,  Kenwood TS-430S, Atlas 210X (if I can ever get it working), ICOM 706 for digital/camping use and an ICOM 706MKIIG for mobile.   Rigs:IYaesu FT-2000D, Ten Tec Argonaut V, Elecraft KX1and the Icom 706 MKIIG as his mobile rig.    Rigs: Complete Kenwood TS-830S station setup, Ten-Tec Pegasus,
Yaesu FT990, Yaesu FT620B 6 mtr. xcvr, Heathkit HW12A  75 mtr. xcvr ,
Old boat anchors are:

 Viking II CDC xmtr,  Hallicrafters S77 Rcvr  also old Yaesu FT101B

Amplifier: Yaesu FL-7000   Amplifier: None


Amplifiers: Kenwood TL-922

Ten-Tec Hercules II

Antennas: G5RV for 160-10, TH3JR Tri-bander for 20/15/10 at 45 feet, Hustler 80-10 trap ground mounted vertical. A Buddipole dipole and a mini-G5RV for portable operation. I use and OPEK HVT-400B antenna for mobile operation.   Antennas: Mini Quad beam, (circa 1979), at 45 feet, a Butternut HF2V ground mounted for 160, 80, 40 and 30 meters and a Radio Works Carolina Windom 160 off center fed dipole at 80 feet.   Antennas: Mosley MP33 tri-bander @ 41 ft., Cushcraft 5 element 6 mtr. beam @ 47 ft., 160 mtr. dipole @ 60 ft., G5RV for 80 and 40 mtrs. @ 60 ft.





WB8MDY - Jim

Mineral Wells, WV


KD4AEK - Randy

Stuart, VA


N4RWW - Walt

Luray, VA

Big booming voice from WV, Jim is busier now then before he retired!   Randy "You want a piece of me?". Probably the youngest of the net but was adopted at an early age into the group.

Favorite sayings, "whimpy whimpy whimpy", "well gooood" and "okayyyyyy".....

  Walt. Unlike Clarence, prefers "infidel wine" (Zinfandel). Likes riding his motorbike and has a special "friend" in Australia that he keeps mentioning but hasn't filled us in on the juicy details yet.

Favorite phrase: "I don't know"

Rigs: Kenwood TS-2000, Ten-Tec Pegasus   Rigs: Alinco DX-70   Rigs: Icom 756
Amplifier:   Amplifier: Dentron Clipperton L   Amplifier:
Antennas:   Antennas:   Antennas: Fan dipole for 160-75-40


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KD4VF - Bob

Blountville, TN



KG4ODX - Bill

Blounts Creek, NC

Besides playing with amateur radio, Bill is an avid model railroading enthusiast.

Rigs:   Rigs:   Rigs: A bunch!
Amplifier:   Amplifier:   Amplifier:
Antennas:   Antennas:   Antennas:








The original 1916 Ragchew group



Hampton, VA

It is with deep regret that Bob, one of the earliest members of the group became a SK on May 1, 2006 after a lengthy illness. 73 Bob....

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