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My Webgl pages

These two programs present interactive visual environments that are mathematically generated to illustrate concepts that cannot be experienced in the real world.

Approaching the Speed of Light

Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity describes phenomena that we do not expect from our everyday experience. These screens demonstrate some of the unexpected transformations that appear at close to the speed of light. This program is my entry in the GL64K competition.
The Staircase Illusion

The optical illusion in M.C. Escher's famous 2D print Ascending and Descending only works when seen from a fixed point view. My program is an attempt to preserve a comparable continuous staircase illusion when the observer is free to move around in 3D space. This was the basis of a presentation I gave at the 2002 SIGGRAPH convention.

Setting Up Webgl on Your Computer

These programs have been tested with Nvidia and ATI/AMD video cards. I do not know how well they will perform with the weaker support provided by the Intel graphics chips found in many computers.
Microsoft's Internet Explorer does not support this technology.

Firefox 4 does provide support, but webgl may not be immediately available after upgrading from version 3. On my computer, I had to update the driver software for my video card before it would work.

Google's Chrome worked even before I updated the video card software.

I have read that Apple's Safari running under the Snow Leopard Operating System also provides support.