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Grenada 2007
December 5 - 12, 2007

The Flight

We were not planning on another trip to Grenada so quickly after our September trip, but when I saw Air Jamaica having a fare sale - $428 per RT ticket (including taxes!!) from BWI - MoBay - GND, there was no doubt we were heading back to our new island love! 

Our home airport is typically Washington Dulles as we live 15 minutes away, but alas, Air Jamaica only flies from BWI.  Since the flight departure from BWI was at 8:35am, we opted to spend the night before at a hotel close to the airport rather than getting up before the rooster crows and taking a chance on hitting traffic on the 495 Beltway.  I bid on a hotel in Priceline and we ended up at the Holiday Inn.  It was not bad for a 1-nighter, the room was clean, the front desk staff friendly, and very convenient to the airport.  Here's a tip if you plan on doing this, pack a separate bag for your overnight needs.  This way, we only had to take our backpacks and the overnight bag with us to the room and didn't have to lug the rest of the luggage out of the car and back down the next day.  We just left the luggage in the car.  And then we traded the next day, luggage out, overnighter bag in.  Smart eh?

Check-in was easy, not much of a line.  The AJ Rep was very cheerful for such an early hour.  Very nice.  The AJ gates are in Concourse E, which was lacking in restaurant choices.  No Starbucks... sniff sniff.  Yes, I know, I'm addicted.  At least there was wi-fi service available.  Not free, but just happy it's available.  J is happy as it keeps me occupied and not too fidgety.

While waiting for our flight, we were joined by a rather friendly bird who has made the concourse her home.  J named the bird "Birdwi", a take on BWI.  



Our flight left on time, and it was uneventful.  The AJ flight attendants are soooo nice and pleasant.  And I love their Caribbean accents.  They served us hot breakfast which was quite good, along with champagne.  J just shook his head as I downed a mimosa and it's barely 9:30 in the morning.

Our layover was in Montego Bay.  It was hot!  They didn't have a/c in that part of the airport.  Don't know about the rest of the airport, but over by the gates where we were, it was like a sauna.  No wifi signal either.  It made for a very whiny me!  Did I mention I was cranky from a lack of espresso in my veins?  Alcohol doesn't quite cut it for me.  LOL. 

From Mo'Bay to Grenada they served us what they called a "snack", which consisted of a hot sandwich and some cookies.  Really?  This is a snack?  Other airlines please take note!

It was so nice to land in Grenada and still see sunlight!  Ahhhh, we are "home"!  Immigration and customs were both a breeze this time.  No Mr. Stern Customs Officer eyeing our luggage.  Thank god, because our bags were packed to the gills with presents for our friends, and goodies for the GSPCA.

[Grenada Airport Website: Grenada Point Saline International Airport]


Heading Back to the Cold North
The other advantage of the AJ flight over AA is that it departed the island at 2:35pm.  Now that is more like it, not the insane 7am departure.

Check-in was once again a breeze.  My luggage was just as stuffed to the gills if not more so than on the way down.  It was actually a wee bit overweight, but the AJ Rep was distracted enough that she let it go.  Whew!  Who knew those 20 bars of Grenada Chocolates weighed that much.  Hehe.

The flight to MoBay was delayed, and we were worried that we wouldn't make our connection.  Luckily, they held most of the connecting flights in MoBay and there was a group of us heading back to BWI.  The connection through MoBay was a bit chaotic.  Instead of shepherding us to our next gate, they made us go all the way out, then back to Security again!  It made no sense because they didn't even really screen our bags.

On the up and up, we were fed 2 meals.  One snack sandwich from Grenada to MoBay, and a hot dinner meal from MoBay to BWI.  The dinner was delicious.  J had the bbq chicken, and I had the fish.  My only complaint with AJ is that they did not have Ting on any of the flights we were on.  They supposedly ran out.  What is up with that?

BBQ chicken, rice, callaloo 

Fish, rice, plantains, callaloo 


Immigration and Customs were a breeze at BWI.  Not like the crazy long lines in Miami or San Juan.  One of our luggage did not make it on our flight, which was not a surprise considering we had to run to catch our connection.  The AJ Rep at BWI handled it very well.  She was very pleasant and gave us her phone number to call for status.  The bag came on the next day's flight and they delivered it the following day.  Overall we had a very positive experience with Air Jamaica and would gladly fly them again.