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Grenada 2008
September 30 - October 10, 2008

The Rides


We used Barbados as our gateway to Grenada as we were using frequent flyer tickets and AA wanted to route us to Miami - Dallas - San Juan - and 2 days later...Grenada!  What dope were they smoking?  Since FF tickets to Barbados were available, we decided to go this route and book separate tickets on LIAT.  I waited until about 3 weeks prior to the trip to purchase the LIAT tickets, and was able to grab them just as they had a sale - $245 per ticket including taxes.  

We chose to overnight in Barbados to give us some cushion in case the AA flight was delayed.  We didn't want to take the chance of missing the LIAT flight and having to pay penalties to re-book since our tickets were purchased separately.

As you can imagine, we were very antsy to get back "home" to Grenada, so we chose the early flight the next day.  LIAT check-in was a breeze, and other than the fact that there was no wi-fi at the LIAT gates, things were going smoothly.  As we were sitting there waiting, J turned to me and asked what LIAT stood for and I jokingly said "Leave Island Any Time".  Well that must have jinxed us because not soon after, they announced that our flight will be delayed.  

And delayed it was!  They couldn't tell us how long it would be delayed, and we knew it was a bad sign when one of their representatives announced he was taking all the passengers to the snack bar so we could grab something to eat.  We were allowed to spend 20 Barbadian Dollars per person, which was more than sufficient for a proper meal.  It was rather amusing to watch some people maximize their allowance to the penny...grabbing a sandwich, several chips, drinks, desserts, and candy bars!  Feeding the passengers was a rather smart move on LIAT's part as everyone pretty much chilled and mellowed out once their stomachs were full.  Well that and that there was wi-fi at the gates were the snack bar was located.

2 1/2 hours later, they finally called us back to the gates and we were off!  Yippeeee!  The flight was smooth and quick and before I got too comfortable, we were landing in GND.  I felt like kissing the ground as I got off that plane!

Immigration was a breeze, and we received a warm "Welcome Back!" when the Officer saw that we have visited a few times previously.  Customs was also a breeze, with the Officer just waving us through.

[Grenada Airport Website: Grenada Point Saline International Airport]


Heading Back
We had planned on spending 3 nights in Barbados on our way back, but decided that we simply could not bear to leave Grenada behind, so I got online and changed our tickets to spend a couple of extra days in Grenada.  The cost to change the tickets was around $100 per ticket.

Even with the extra days tacked on, vacation flew by quickly, and pretty soon we found ourselves back at Point Saline airport checking-in at the LIAT counter to head back to Barbados.  Check-in was again a breeze, our luggages were stuffed to the gills with chocolates, spices, and rums.  The LIAT agent was amazed that our luggages weighed just about equal to each other, with a little over 2 lbs to spare under the 50 lb limit.  Our secret? .... a nifty digital travel scale that we picked up from R.E.I. .... this little gadget is quite accurate and has saved us several times from having to pay overweight luggage fees.  If you are a shopaholic like me who manages to pick up all sorts of things to bring back from vacation, I would highly recommend investing in one of these gadgets.

But I digress... or perhaps not... as of course, the first thing I do at the airport lounge is to check out the stores and squeeze in one last shopping activity.  I was happy to discover that there was a new store since our last visit that carries quite a few arts and crafts type of things.  I managed to acquire yet another bag to hand-carry much to J's dismay.

Grenada airport lounge  

New shopping diversion!  


There is a snack bar at the airport lounge and while the coffee is nothing to write home about, the saltfish and bakes that I picked-up were quite tasty.  Yumm yumm!

Grenada airport snack bar  

Grenada airport snack bar menu  


The flight back to Barbados left on time and was uneventful.

Oh yeah, don't forget, there is a departure fee in Grenada of $20 US per person, cash only.  






On the Ground

Airport Transfers
Our airport transfers were handled by Caribbean Horizons (Phone# 473-444-1555), arranged so kindly by LAE Cottages (Thank you, Thaneia!).  We've used Caribbean Horizons on our previous trips and we always request for our friend Mac (who works for C.H.) to be the one to pick us up when possible.  It is always such a great feeling to walk out of the airport door and see a familiar face welcoming us "home".

We highly recommend C.H. for airport transfer and tour guide needs.  They are always on time, very friendly and professional, and their guides are safe drivers.  


Car Rental
For our car rental, we decided to give Azar's Auto Rentals (Phone# 473-414-2911) a try this time around.  They had the best prices, and they were highly recommended by several people (Thank you, Grenadagirl!).

Our car was delivered to us at LAE Cottages and all the paperwork was handled right there, including the issuing of a local driver's license ($12US and it is good for 3 months).  We rented a Suzuki Escudo, and it was nice to have the 4wd as it had rained quite heavily a few times and we were able to use it to get out of a muddy parking spot a few times.

We were very pleased with our experience with Azar's Auto Rentals.  Sam Azar, the owner, was very nice and easy going.  And it turns out that we grew up practically in the same neighborhood back in California.  What a small world!