Updated 6/26/09

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This economy demands you get involved! It's your job and country on the line!

This is about the economic plight of this nation, money, the rule of law, the right of labor to a fair wage, the future of your children, our environment and our sovereignty.

You maybe jobless, if not you probably some know someone who is. What can you do to stop illegal immigration in this country? YOU are going to take away State Farm's money!!! Cancel your State Farm Insurance Policies! State Farm is aggressive in their support of illegal aliens to the detriment of your family. They are NOT a "Good Neighbor." Cancel your policies!!

State Farm Insurance, Allstate, Geico and many others all endorse the National Council of La Raza- a racist hate group. La Raza actively and aggressively supports illegal immigration.

They and Obama do not care if

illegal aliens take American jobs, drive down wages, close our hospitals, emergency rooms and schools. Our children's education is sacrificed while our schools and prisons are flooded with illegal aliens. Our country is driven to third world status while our sovereignty is violated. Borders mean nothing to La Raza. You can't afford to pay for your own child's education yet you are forced to pay for those illegally here.

While LEGAL immigrants stand in line, wait and follow the law, The National Council of La Raza (NCLR.org) maintains that illegal aliens invading this country have a priority and right to citizenship. Please view the pictures of the demonstrations March '06 on this website. This is about the future of YOUR children. President Eisenhower and labor leader Cesar Chavez respected and protected our borders and the American workers who saved the world in World War Two. Today's politicians have sold you, the middle class, out in their search for contributions from the rich who prosper from this situation. Mexico openly encourages their citizens to pour over the borders . Yet Mexico does NOT tolerate illegal aliens and in fact protects their borders. Obama does nothing while unemployed Americans lose their jobs to illegal aliens. Ironic that while black unemployment disproportionally soars, this president sticks it to black Americans and all Americans!

Join groups like "Numbersusa.com" so that you are aware of your legislator's decisions on illegal immigration issues and can contact them. Many Democrats and Republicans are on the wrong side of this issue and must be thrown out of office.

If you are in a union, demand your union does NOT support illegal immigration. Quit if they do. The union management prospers at YOUR expense!

Ask any contractor you or an insurance agency hires if they have illegal aliens doing the work. Refuse to do business with companies such as State Farm that supports or hires illegals. If you discover they are using illegal alien labor, refuse to pay them. If illegal alien labor is being used at a work site, call your State Contractor’s Board. Give them the contractor’s name and job site location. Demand they respond. Tell them you will follow up. More than likely they also do not have a valid contractor’s license.

Check the La Raza sponsorships HOT-LINKED on this web-page for the most recent complete listof companies that have sold you out. Call those companies and refuse to do business with them.

Boycott Miller Beer, Home Depot, Lowes, Ralph’s, Denny’s, L A Times, State Farm Insurance, Allstate, Geico, Pepsi, Eastman Kodak and any business hiring or supporting illegal aliens. Close your account at B of A and Wells Fargo. They support matricular consular cards which are absolute worthless as ID. After 9/11 and the banking ripoff and destruction of America, why are banks still accepting a fraudulent card? Because they make money at your expense! Seems they've learned nothing from the banking mess they created.

Call your local school district. Demand that racist groups like MEChA and La Raza are expelled from the campus. Remind them of the Mexican flag flying above the upside down American flag.

The in-sourcing of illegal foreign labor is driving down YOUR wages, taking your job, closing YOUR hospitals, and bankrupting YOUR schools. The jobs illegal aliens will take is YOUR job- but at a lower salary. Act like your job and country depends on you. It does.

But FIRST call State Farm Insurance and CANCEL your insurance policies.

I keep a running total of the money taken away from them.

Email me with the dollar amount of the cancelled policy by clicking