Updated 6/16/09

Today YOU can make a Difference

Cancel Your State Farm Insurance!!


We are coordinating a National Boycott against State Farm Insurance. State Farm Insurance gives major financial support to the National Council of La Raza (The Race). See www.nclr.org. La Raza is a racist hate group promoting illegal immigration and amnesty. On June 22, 2006 I cancelled ALL my insurance policies with State Farm Insurance, a company I had been with for 40 years. My agent was very upset but strongly supportive of my position. These are big dollars represented by individual policies. To date we have cancellations from California, Pennsylvania, Texas and Idaho. Together we can make a HUGE difference. I would ask those who have called the senators, gathered the signatures, carried the signs, walked the lines or sat silently in anger at home as the illegal aliens waved their Mexican flags in May 2006 demonstrations to now cancel your policies! Inform your State Farm agent that they either dump La Raza or lose your business. Encourage your agent to contact the State Farm chairman and management at all levels and then get back to you. Tell them the clock has started and immediately start shopping for insurance. If you live in California, ask your agent to immediately send you a loss history report You will need it to get other quotations. Hang up and call:

Mr. Ed Rust Jr.

CEO State Farm Insurance

One State Farm Plaza

Bloomington, Ill. 61710.

Phone 309-766-2121

Tell him you are dumping them if they don't drop support of La Raza. Hang up again and get competitive quotations. I have listed some insurance companies that do not sponsor The National Council of La Raza in the side bar. It's amazing how good it makes you feel to make a difference by not giving money to people who support illegal immigration and amnesty. After you have cancelled, call Chairman Ed Rust Jr. again and tell him it’s over, then email me. I keep a running tally of the value of the cancelled policies and let State Farm know it's costing them big time. Everyone who has cancelled has also SAVED BIG money on their insurance! This is a national boycott! If you don't have State Farm, contact Chairman Rust's office and the local agents anyway. Tell them you NEVER will buy their product as long as they support The National Council La Raza. Also be sure you are not insured with Allstate or Geico. Dump them. They also are La Raza sponsors. This is about money. Put your money where your mouth is! One person can make a difference. Let that person be YOU against State Farm. They WILL notice when you make that call or send that letter. And you will no longer feel powerless, but absolutely wonderful that you are doing your part to stop this scourge upon America. Take the money you saved and donate it to one of the many organizations hot-linked to this site.


George Gush

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