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Goals & Objectives

The objective of this boycott is to make State Farm Insurance understand the harm they are doing to Americans with their support of the National Council of La Raza AND to get them to stop.



Step 1

Call your agent. Tell them either State Farm cancels their sponsorship of the National Council of La Raza- or you will cancel your insurance. Have some fun in the process. Remember-You are the customer! Ultimately it is your money that’s funding La Raza and you will have nothing to do with them.


On day one, ask the agent to contact their immediate manager and the CEO of State Farm, Mr. Ed Rust, and demand they immediately stop all support of La Raza. Tell them you expect to hear back from them and State Farm with their answer.


You will not accept any response stating they only support educational opportunities for a specific race that simultaneously and eagerly endorses illegal immigration.


Ask them to provide you with a loss history report. Tell them you expect it within 10 business days. In California you may need this when shopping for competitive insurance. The insurance company is obligated to supply it for free.


Step 2

Shop for new insurance. Take along your policy for accurate comparisons. Only later when you accept the policy will you have to provide the loss history report.


Step 3

Send a letter or call Mr. Ed Rust Jr., CEO of State Farm at (309) 766-2121. My letter is downloadable and can be used as a template. Tell him of your extreme displeasure with their support of La Razz. Tell him they either immediately drop the sponsorship or you drop their insurance. You might eventually get a form letter or call from their public relations department stating "Our support of NCLR consists of programmatic efforts in education and economic mobility of Hispanic families, specifically professional development for public and charter school teachers and financial literacy / first time home buyers' education." Tell them we've seen the students with Mexican flags and illegal aliens buying homes and won't stand for it. Tell him you do not appreciate illegal aliens replacing American workers in hurricane affected areas or even your own home town.

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