Updated 6/16/09

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Step 4

If you can coordinate the expiration of your current policy with your new policy so much the better. If not, your policy will be prorated and you will get back all that is owed to you. Most likely all quotations from established competitors will save you money. There's really no reason to wait to cancel!



Step 5

Once you know the effective date of your new policy, cancel your policies with fanfare. Call /write your agent again with the date of cancellation. Express your displease with the response or lack of from State Farm.


Step 6

Call or write Ed Rust Jr., CEO, now telling State Farm good bye and that there’s more cancellations coming.


Step 7

Send me an email with the total yearly value of the the cancelled policies. I will contact State Farm CEO with a repeat of today’s top story- your cancellation and what it’s cost to date!!


Step 8

Feel great! You may have gotten better rates and you no longer support La Raza.


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