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Testimonials from those who have cancelled their State Farm Insurance, Sponsor of La Raza


 "I have now cancelled State Farm after 20 years as they fund radical La Raza which encourages illegal immigration as well as amnesty for lawbreakers. In my opinion, we have room in our country for people who come here LEGALLY.


In addition to the above, I think that anyone who places the almighty dollar before country is a traitor. They should be ashamed to call themselves Americans.


"Another one bites the dust"..."


P.M., Duarte


I cancelled my $4000.00 policy with State Farm Insurance after being a loyal customer of 15 years when I learned of their support for the illegal alien advocacy group LaRaza. I attempted to be a "good neighbor" and went through the chain of command at State Farm I eventually reached the office of Edward Rust, Jr. the CEO. Long story short, they were not interested that their money which was directed at the "education" aspect of LaRaza which supports charter schools such as Academia Semillas Del Pueblo in Los Angeles, who's mission statement included teaching "not being white" and Nuahtl language of the Aztecs and an ancient form of math that is not used, to my knowlege, anywhere in the world. I found cheaper insurance at AAA of California. I did attempt to see if THEY contributed to any unacceptable groups and to my knowlege they do not. But if I find out otherwise I will switch again.


Francine Verbarg, Irvine, California.


A nephew, who is very dear to me, is an agent with State Farm and the same who handled my policies.  While I was initially reluctant to terminate business with my nephew, I have never regretted the decision to further enable State Farm's support of LaRaza.  The several hundreds of dollars I saved in premiums further removed any speck of concern I had regarding my actions.


 Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO), referencing Bank of America's decision to provide credit cards to illegals, confirmed that this administration will do little or nothing to stop businesses from profiting from illegal aliens.  He urged Americans to make their voices heard by refusing to have any dealings with businesses that put profit above patriotism.  I agree.


 Once companies such as State Farm, Allstate, Geico and Bank of America realize that current or potential customers will not support their un-American agendas nor their failure to stand up to pressure exerted from amnesty activist groups such as LaRaza, they will either change course or quickly be replaced by companies that share our ethics and sense of patriotism.


KMA, Pennsylvania


I called the office of CEO Ed Rust and had a nice conversation with his secretary. She took down my name and phone number. She seemed receptive. I told her La Raza was a group that was 100% for illegal aliens. Also, I told her the name "La Raza" meant the "Race" and La Raza was a racist organization.


I also told Mr. Ed Rust's secretary that I will not be buying any State Farm Insurance and that I would tell everyone I knew not to buy State Farm insurance.


R. M., Austin Texas




When I heard State Farm was a financial supporter of La Raza (which I consider to be a violent, anti-American racist Hispanic advocacy group which poses much danger to America) I called my local agent.  My wife and I had been customers of State Farm for about 50 years, and to hear they supported La Raza just did not make sense, so we wanted to know for sure.  When our local agent checked, he found out that in fact State Farm was – and is - supporting La Raza.  This news astonished me. He asked if he could have someone from their regional office call me to discuss this further to explain his company’s reasoning, so I told him I would be willing to discuss it.


 The person from the regional office soon called, and told me yes, State Farm is supporting La Raza, but they had no intention of changing their position on that, since their funding was “just for education”.  I then asked him if State Farm would fund educational programs for American citizens only since that would then benefit people of all races, but within our country.  He said they would not do that either.  I then asked him if State Farm would support a law abiding patriotic group who is working to protect our country from the effects of illegal immigration and groups such as La Raza, like the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, and the representative of the company said they would “find that difficult to do”.  I told him then we would be buying our insurance elsewhere and ended our conversation.


 We contacted 6 other companies for bids on insurance, and found that of the 5 who responded, every one of them would sell us the same or better national insurance coverage for less money than State Farm.  The one we went with gave us superior protection to that which we had before, for $1,563 a year, compared to $2310 per year for State Farm – a savings of $747 per year. There was one national company which would have sold us national protection for even less money than that which we chose!


 We have been faithful to State Farm for a long time, but if they are going to support groups which are actively trying to destroy America and our way of life, our faith to them ends.  Thank goodness we are in America where we still have some choices left! 


 D.F., Lewiston, Idaho




We bought a new car this month, and I put the new car and Bob's truck on AAA instead of Allstate.  I left the car we replaced on Allstate's policy until we sold it.


I plan to move our insurance for our home and rentals to AAA from Allstate also.  I didn't bother to go through the steps you described, although I might do that before moving the homeowner's insurance.


I'm also encouraging everyone I know to move their accounts from the banks you listed.  One club I am a member of was touting the fact that they were leaving B of A as a protest of their credit cards for illegal aliens.  They were moving it to Washington Mutual.  I quickly informed them about the matricula consular card and advised them to go to Farmers & Merchants or Fullerton Community Bank.  They weren't successful their first try, because the new bank wanted a tax I.D. No. and neither the Pres. or the Treasurer wanted to allow their own SSN to be used.  I advised them to apply for an ID No. from the IRS/Treasury Dept.  I'm not sure they ever did that either.  Some people are all talk and no action.  I plan to keep after them.


Pat Shuff


Please help boycott Allstate by calling and filing a complaint about their support for La Raza.  They are getting lots of calls but we need more.  Please post this contact info on your website and send to your list:


Terry DeMartino

Executive Assistant (Allstate)

(847) 402-5448

 Please read our thread:


 Thanks! Lisa


I don't think I ever got around to telling you that not only did we cancel our policy with Allstate, we also saved $453.00 by switching! I guess Allstate needed all of that extra money to give to La Raza. Well, they are not getting mine, and I'm spreading the word!   Thanks for making everyone aware of these La Raza supporters.                                                                      Sincerely,

                                                                                     Grace Knight

P.S. Allstate never would answer me on why they are supporting La Raza.

Total Cancelations: $32,403

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