Fairhaven's Existing "Phoenix" Pathway

Proposed Mattapoisett Pathway

Proposed Wareham Pathway Project




Starting locations in Warehm and Mattapoisett, further information at 2nd South Coast Pathway Challenge

Watch for announcements on future meetings


An account has been set up in Marion Town Hall to hold all donations toward the construction of the pathway. The Friends of the Marion Pathway was asked to collect donations and then submit them in batches to the Town of Marion Treasurer for deposit in the account. Please send tax deductible contributions to:

Phyllis Washburn, Treasurer

325 Wareham Street, Marion, MA 02738

Make checks payable to "Town of Marion - Pathway project"

What is the Pathway?

The Marion Pathway will be a paved surface marked with a dividing line that will extend along the existing abandoned railroad grade from Washburn Park in Marion westward to the Marion/Mattapoisett town line. It will ultimately connect the Town of Marion to the neighboring towns of Mattapoisett and Wareham with a car-free corrider in a wooded, scenic setting. The pathway will promote alternative, healthy means of transportation such as cycling, rollerblading, and walking. It will allow cyclists, walkers and joggers of all ages an alternative to competing with dangerous motor vehicle traffic on the roadways.

Mission Statement

The Friends of the Marion Pathway Committee was formed to:
  • Educate and provide information on the Pathway, its route, benefits, and progress toward completion
  • Support the Marion Pathway Committee in their work toward guiding the creation of the Pathway through the design, permitting and construction process
  • Raise the Town of Marion's matching grant portion of the financing of the pathway

The Marion Pathway (shown in red) extends along the abandoned railway bed from the Mattapoisett/Marion town line at the east end of the Mattapoisett Industrial Park to Washburn Park in Marion.

It will connect to the existing Fairhaven pathway by way of the Mattapoisett pathway that is currently in the planning phase. The long term goal is to connect to the Wareham pathway as part of the larger Southcoast Bike Path Project extending from the Rhode Island border to the Cape Cod Canal!


Federal and State funds are currently available under TEA 21 (Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century) for the development of alternative transportation routes such as walking and cycling paths. Under TEA 21, pathways designed according to the required standards are eligible for:

  • 80% Federal financing
  • 10% State financing

The town is required to provide 10% financing. To become eligible for the Federal and State matching funds the Marion Pathway Committee must prepare and submit an engineering design. The submission of an engineering design to the State review agencies moves Marion up in the list of towns applying for funds.

The estimated cost to design and build the pathway from the Marion/Mattapoisett town line to Washburn Park in accordance to the TEA 21 standards is $1,160,000 of which the Town's share is $116,000 (10%). The Town must first submit a Planning Application including the design which is estimated to cost $91,800.

The cost of the Planning Application applies toward total match requirement.

The Friends of the Marion Pathway Committee is appealing to all those interested in bringing the benefits of a multiuse pathway to Marion to help us raise the $91,800 needed for the engineering design that will allow the Marion Pathway Committee to submit the Planning Application.

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Proposed Marion Pathway February 2002 photo courtesy of Greg Parker
A view of Fairhavens multi use path
A view of the proposed Marion Pathway along the abandoned trolley line toward Washburn Park

Recent Events

Meeting of the Friends of the Marion Pathway Committee

The most recent meeting of the Friends of the Marion Pathway Committee was held on January 12, 2006. An update of the ongoing progress being made by the Marion Pathway Committee was presented and ideas for the upcoming Capital Campaign kickoff event were discussed.

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

The Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser was held on Friday November 11, 2005. Through the hard work and donations of a number of volunteers, approximately $300 was raised for use in our education and outreach efforts. Thanks to all who attended and congratulations to all who made the dinner a success!

Pathway Family Day

Saturday September 24, 2005 saw a break from the rain that prompted a good number of curious individuals and families to gather at the information table set up by the Friends of the Marion Pathway Committee to describe the project. About a dozen people enjoyed the scenic walk along the abandoned railroad bed that is the route of the pathway from Washburn Park in Marion to the Mattapoisett Industrial Park where they were met by drivers for the return trip. A few people also rode the route on mountain bikes, as the route is presently impassible on road bikes due to the sandy soil, ruts and stream crossings. It was agreed that another similiar event should be held so watch for further details!