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Woven Transmission Band Linings for the FORD MODEL T

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Model T Ford Transmission Band Linings

Our NEV-R-WEAR transmission band linings are manufactured to the highest standards and will provide years of driving pleasure for your Model T Ford. These high quality linings are not bonded to any backing material that may deteriorate from the high temperatures in a Model T Transmission. Some backings made from synthetic materials, or the bonding agents used, can deteriorate and foul the engine or transmission with disastrous results, which will not happen when using NEV-R-WEAR.

NEV-R-WEAR is purchased in a kit containing three woven linings, original quality split brass rivets, and an instruction sheet.

These linings have been tested in Ford transmissions to temperatures in excess of 450 degrees and have proven themselves to be of the highest quality, providing years of trouble free driving in your Model T Ford.

Nev-R-Wear Prices
Year Kit Price
1909-1925 $69.95
1926-1927 $73.95

Shipping and Handling for each set -- $3.00

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Would Your Model T Club Like To Save Money?

We give quantity discounts to Model T clubs, so get together and place an order of 10 or more sets at one time and SAVE.

Relining Model T Transmission Bands With


When relining your transmission bands, it is a good practice to soak the newly lined band in oil or automatic transmission fluid for several hours before installing them in your car. Inspect the bands before relining them. Old bands can have stress cracks or be stretched beyond use. Lay the new lining in a band on the bench and keep the ends of the lining flush with the ends of the steel band. Make sure there is a loop in the lining near the center of the band. If there is no loop, the steel band is probably stretched and should be discarded. Measure the length of your new lining. It should be 24" long. Inspect the band springs. They should be made from .100" wire and be in good condition. The unsprung length should be 1.880" and the compressed length should be approximately 1". Replace them if necessary.

You must use brass or copper rivets, as supplied with our kits. Rivets that are plated or made of steel will foul the magneto. Rivet one end first and then the other, with a loop formed in the center. Press the loop down, working it against the steel band. Now install the rest of the rivets. We prefer to spread the rivet tines across the width of the band rather than the length. This allows the rivet to wear against a wider surface area of the drum and help prevent grooves. Use an awl to make a hole in the lining and push the rivet through with the head against the steel. The tines may be spread with a hammer and a drift pin.

Does Your Brake Band Feel Hard As A Rock?

We have had a few customers tell us that after installing our woven linings, one of the pedals feels as hard as a rock. It's rather like stepping on concrete! In each case, the customer has failed to adequately soak the linings in oil before installing them. Since the brake band is furthest from the fly wheel, the splashed oil may not get the lining wet enough to get that proper 'grab'. If this should happen to you, drain about a quart of oil from the crankcase and pour it over the bands from the transmission inspection door opening. This may have to be repeated if necessary. Once the band lining has been allowed to soak in oil, the problem usually remedies itself. This explains why the hard pedal goes away after awhile, seemingly without explanation.

NEV-R-WEAR Bands Steam Bent Bows Links
The Collection Frontenac Speedster 1908 Reo
Custom Speedster Bodies 1910 EMF Model T Technical Papers

Created: 12 November, 1997