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Basic Belt Drive Pump Mounting Kit - $200

The basic belt drive pump mounting kit consists of a synchronous belt drive and all mounting brackets and hardware needed to install an engine mounted auxiliary hydraulic pump on Ford N-series tractors. It is only available for tractors equipped with a front mounted ditributor and is intended for customers that want to build their own custom system using customer supplied hydraulic componenents. It does not include a pump or any additional hydraulic components.

Note: When ordering use last two characters of order number to specify
the bracket that matches the mounting dimensions of your pump:

Use order number HH-PMK-BD-A- for pumps with an SAE-A style mount
Use order number HH-PMK-BD-AA- for pumps with an SAE-AA style mount

N-Series Pump Mounting Kit - Order Number HH-PMK-BD-xx
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Pump Mounting Kit: HH-PMK-9N-xx
Fits all Ford 9N/2N/8N with front distributor
Part No. Description Qty
HH-BKT-BD-xx Pump mounting bracket w/tensioner. 1
HH-HUB-9N Crakshaft pully drive hub 1
HH-SPKT-34 Crankshaft timing pulley - 8MGT, 34T, 20mm wide 1
HH-SPKT-32 Pump timing pulley - 8MGT, 30T, 20mm wide 1
8M20GT-940 PolyGrip GT2 timing belt, 8mm pitch, 20mm wide, 940mm OC 1