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Hokie-Hydraulics - Modern fluid power for the N-series tractor

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One of the primary shortcomings of the Ford N-series tractor as originally designed is the hydraulic system. While it was a modern innovation at the time the tractor was first introduced the PTO driven hydraulic pump only operates with the PTO running and the clutch engaged and the tractor lacks the "live hydraulics" that quickly became standard on follow-on models. Add to that a puny 2+ GPM flow rate and a lack of external hydraulic connections and operating modern external hydraulic equipment like PTO mounted log splitters and front loaders becomes a real challenge. Accordingly we set out in search of a means to upgrade the OEM hydraulic system with these goals in mind:
  • A reliable, flexible, and affordably priced general purpose solution capable of providing high performance tractor powered hydraulics as well as a live hydraulics for the 3pt lift.
  • Leverage existing parts base using off-the-shelf components to the maximum possible
  • Low start-up cost - upgradeable as operational needs change.
  • Well integrated with the tractor's internal hydraulics
  • Maintainable with a minimum installation foot-print
After nearly 5 years studying the problem the result is the Hokie-Hydraulics auxiliary hydraulic pump mounting systems. Two basic pump mounting systems are offered and both systems are designed for connection to the tractor's internal hydraulic sump. They are capable of powering pumps up to 12 GPM using the tractor's sump as the reservoir and even larger pumps if augmented with an external reservoir.>

Belt Drive System - For use on tractors with front mounted ditributors

The synchronous belt drive system is available for all N-series tractors equipped with a front mounted distributor, It will not work on late model 8N tractors equipped with a side mounted ditributor. The pump is mounted to the left side of the engine block and driven from the front of the crankshaft using a synchronous drive (timing) belt.

Shaft Drive System - For use on all N-series tractors

A traditional style shaft driven pump mounting system is available for all N-series tractors. The pump is rigidly mounted to the front the tractor axle support just in front of the radiator and shaft driven off the crankshaft. The front axle pin incporporates Teflon guide bushings which assure precise alignment of the pump and crankshaft centerlines eliminating the need for the flexible shaft coupler used on loader mounted pumps. It also provides a front attachment point for a Wagner or Dearbnorn loader. Because the pump sets in close to the tractor the OEM bumper may be installed to protect the pump when a loader is not mounted.