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The belt drive live hydraulics kit adds live hydraulics to an N-series tractor. It consists of a N-series belt drive pump mounting kit, an SAE=AA 2 GPM hydraulic pump, and all plumbing and mounting hardware needed to attach the system to your tractor. It is only available for tractors equiopped with a front mounted ditributor. For tractors equipped with a side mounted distributor see the Basic Shaft Drive Pump Mounting Kit. You may click on the picture below to see a larger image.

Ford N-series Live Hydraulics Kit
Part No. Description Qty
HH-PMK-9N-AA SAE AA pump mounting kit 1
GP-F10-44 2 GPM SAE-AA pump 1
SMP-12ORB Sump adapter bushing
2-12UN to SAE-12 ORB Port
4601-10-12 5/8" beaded hose barb to SAE 12 MOR elbow 1
4601-10-10 5/8" beaded hose barb to SAE 10 MOR elbow 1
6801-05-06 SAE 5 MOR x JIC 6M elbow 1
6801-10-06 SAE 10 MOR x JIC 6M elbow 1
6402-06-06 SAE 6 MOR x JIC 6F swivel 1
9-4225 3 GPM Inline Check Valve - SAE 6 ORB x JIC 6M 1
930-2272 4000 PSI, 1/4" 2 wire hydraulic hose assembly
JIC 6F swivel x JIC 6F swivel x 5' OAL
100R4-0625 100R4 hydraulic suction hose - 5/8" ID x 6' OAL 1