Windy Ridge Farm

Dearborn/Wagner Loader Brackets

This front hanger bracket was used on many different models of front end loaders manufactured by both Wagner and Dearborn. It consists of a triangular steel plate welded to a replacement front axle pivot pin. The OEM pin is removed from the tractor and the pin on the hanger is installed in it's place. The hex bolt used to retain the OEM pin is used to clamp the hanger plate assembly to the front axle support.
My replacement hangers are precison laser cut from 5/16" hot rolled steel plate. The pin is turned from 4130 chrome-moly tube and welded into the plate. The hangers cost $50 and ship flat rate via USPS Priority Mail to any US location for $10.50.<

These rear axle brackets are used with the Dearborn 19-21 and possibly other loaders. They are $50/pair and ship flat rate for 10.50. They will fit in the same box with the front axle hanger.