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Ford 9N/2N Swinging Drawbar Adapter

One of the design improvements introduced with the Ford Model 8N tractor was a provision for mounting an under axle  clevis for pulling jobs. This location was a much safer pulling point than the 3pt drawbar and Ford initially provided the  8N-803 clevis as optional equipment on the 8N tractors. With the advent of the model NAA tractor  the clevis was redesigned (NCA-803B) and a flat drawbar (C0NN805F) and support hanger (NCA809A) where added.  The hanger bolted to the PTO housing and supported the drawbar which was connected to th eclevis on one end and extenderd the implement attachment point further to the rear. The drawbar could be swung from side to side allowing the towed equipment  to be positioned off center - a highly desirable feature for implements like balers and pickers. The new clevis, PTO support, and drawbar were backwards compatible with the model 8N tractor but could not be fitted to the earlier 9N and 2N tractors because they lacked the under axle mounting boss for the clevis.

To address this shortcoming the 9N-803B drawbar adapter and clevis assembly has been developed to allow the retrofit of the NAA style swinging drawbar  assembly to the 9N and 2N tractors. The basic component of the adapter is a welded steel "cradle" that bolts to the bottom three axle extension studs on either side of the differential  and wraps around the underside of the differential housing providing a mounting boss and holes suitable for attaching the NAA-803B clevis. The NAA drawbar and hanger can then be mounted exactly the same as on the 8N tractors. The adapter can also be ordered with an optional welded clevis assembly that works with the NAA drawbar and hanger and eliminates the need for the bolt on NAA-803B clevis altogether.  The adapter comes primed ready to paint  and includes all mounting hardware needed to attach it to your tractor.  A socket head pipe plug is also provided as a replacement for the square differential drain plug used on the N-series tractor. The  socket head plug  provides additional clearance for mounting the adapter and can be accessed through the drawbar pin hole in the clevis using an Allen head socket and extension or a hex key.

.9N-803B Drawbar Bracket - $55.00 each,  add $20 for welded clevis assembly