Windy Ridge Farm

Windy Ridge Farm and Machine

I've always been fascinated by machinery and have personally maintained and repaired all of the vehicles I've owned over the years. Being a bit of a cheapskate I've always bought used cars figuring I'd save some money and indulge my interest in machinery at the same time. My mechanical interests are just one aspect of a love for doing creative things with my hands. Not being artistically or musically inclined I dabbled in carpentry, electronics, welding, gardening, etc. As retirement approached, my financial situation eased somewhat and I decided to treat myself to a new modern garage and shop. After considering a variety of options I decided to erect a pre-engineered clear span metal building which I dubbed The Garaj Mahal in deference to it's grandure. It does double duty as a vehicle storage, maintaineance and repair facility as well as housing my retirement business - Windy Ridge Farm and Machine.

The Garaj Mahal, home to Windy Ridge Machine - October, 2007

The machine shop idea came about with the appearance of eBay on the internet scene. Many tired but servicable machine tools were escaping the scrapman and finding their way into home shops. I started with an old 11" Rockwell lathe, added one of the ubiquitous Taiwanese milling/drilling machines (new), and I was hooked. The current machine tool inventory includes a WWII vintage universal grinder, a newer 14" Rockwell lath, A Cincinnati-Milacron Cinova 80, Model 307-14 equipped with a French Toolmaster vertical head, a Kysor-Johnson horizontal bandsaw, and sundry shop equipment.

Rockwell 11in. Toolroom Lathe
Rockwell 14in. Engine Lathe
Taiwanese Mill/Drill
Cinova 80 with French Toolmaster Head
Kysor Johnson 10x18 Bandsaw
Covel Model 91A Unversal Grinder