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Basic Shaft Drive Pump Mounting Kit

Basic Shaft Drive Pump Mounting Kit - $175

The basic shaft drive pump mounting kit consists of a splined shaft drive and all mounting brackets and hardware needed to install an SAE-A two bolt auxiliary hydraulic pump on Ford N-series tractors. It does not include a pump or any additional hydraulic components.
  • The mounting bracket is a welded assembly consisting of a loader hanger/pump mount and a replacement front axle pin
  • The bracket is installed by removing the OEM axle pin and installing the welded ssembly in it's place. The assembly is held in place using the same 1/2" bolt that retains the OEM pin.
  • The splined drive hub is bolted to an aftermarket solid steel crankshaft pulley (p/n 192160, not included)
  • The splined drive shaft is inserted through the axle pin and into the splined hub
  • A Teflon guide bushing installed inside the axle pin accurately centers the drive shaft with the crankshaft mounted hub eliminating the need for a flexible shaft coupler.
  • The hydraulic pump then bolts to the bracket using the SAE-A two bolt pump adapter included in the kit
  • A keyed coupler on the outboard end of the drive shaft engages the keyed shaft on the pump
The basic mounting kit does not include a pump, aftermarket crankshaft pulley, or any additional hydraulic components. These items may all be ordered separately or as part of a complete hydraulic conversion kit.

Shaft Drive Pump Mounting Kit - Order Number HH-PMK-SD
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Shaft Drive Pump Mounting Kit: HH-PMK-SD
Fits all Ford 9N/2N/8N tractors
Part No. Description Qty
HH-BKT-SD Pump/loader mounting bracket with replacement front axle pin (welded assembly) 1
HH-FLG-SAE-A Pump mounting flange for SAE-A two bolt hydraulic pump - includes mounting bolts and nuts 1
192161 Splined crakshaft pully drive hub with mounting bolts 1
194354 Splined drive shaft with keyed shaft coupler (welded assembly)1