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Paul Lanni of Crow's-foot Design, has worked in all phases of residential construction. Starting out as a restoration carpenter, he has been a post and beam timber framer, foreman, ran a restoration business in rural Massachusetts, been a kitchen designer, bidder, expeditor, and construction manager.

He has had the unique experience of working on the White House.

He has a B.S. degree in environmental science from Rutgers University.

Our Name
In building a post and beam structure, a crow's foot was formed when a carpenter
scribed a perpendicular line and two arcs on a green rough-sawn beam to lay out
a mortise. The resulting marks can still be found on century old barns.

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Crowsfoot design is a design company working to provide quality plans and permit work-ups at a reasonable rate. We work with an structural engineer, so all plans are reviewed and stamped prior to submission.

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