Yet Another Reason Why
Verizon Sucks
Dear Verizon Internet User:

As part of our ongoing enhancements to the online customer experience, Verizon continues to ensure security for our Internet customers.  As a result of this ongoing effort, Verizon Online is making modifications to the Internet access provided to you.  These modifications will occur on August 21, 2011.  For security reasons, Verizon will no longer allow users to FTP their HTML files to the personal web site Verizon offers.

Verizon recommends that current FTP users download their files prior to August 21, 2011 to prevent any data loss.
Having already eliminated Newsgroup support some time ago, Verizon sent the following email to its internet customers on July 20, 2011:
This essentially renders useless the measily 10 Megabytes of web space they provide with their internet service. Using their clunky on-line Site Builder tool is exercise in frustration. Most users create their websites off-line using one of the many available HTML editors and then FTP the resulting HTML files to the Verizon web server.

What can you do? Unfortunately, not much.  Being a near monopoly Verizon doesn't have to listen to its customers.

You can, however, register your disgust by calling Verizon's various customer service, technical help, marketing lines (their extensive phone-tree offers limitless possibilities). You can try emailing to the links on the support pages and forums

You can also create a page similar to this one on your own subdomain. Then link to one another's Sites to bump up the search results.

Perhaps if enough buzz is created the Verizon "suits" will take notice, but don't count on it.