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  • Tangipahoa Parish Genweb Site
  • Erin Twp, Wellington Co., Ontario, Records
  • Skipness Parish, Argyllshire, Scotland Records

    Sandy's Ancestors

  • Prior/Becht Line starting with Marion Bertha Rose Prior (other surnames: Biklin/Bickel, Davis, Gehringer, Schnell)
  • McLellan/Dunk Line starting with Edward Allen McLellan (other surnames: Ballard, Graham, Hix, McMillan, Owen, Sabine, Thomson, Woodland)
  • Dickerson/Perrin Line with Charles Ray Dickerson (other surnames: Badeaux, Brewer, Dubois, Griswell, Hall, Lavigne, Mitchell, Wagner, Ward)
  • Reid/Klein Line (other surnames: Anderson, Blume, Deindenbeck, Healy, Dellimer, Scoles)

    My Brother-in-law's page Artist Steve Gibson

    Cousin Vic's Microscope company Southern Precision Instruments Co. Inc.

    Winter, 2001

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    Sandy McLellan