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Welcome to the official web site of Private Sector Productions, your comprehensive source for information, media, and thoughts from award-winning composer, performer, and producer Lorraine Levender Whittlesey. You'll find downloadable samples of Ms. Whittlesey's compositions and performances on the site, a gallery of images, a calendar of her upcoming events, a selection of reviews and interviews, and even more. Private Sector Productions is currently working to organize and digitize much of Ms. Whittlesey's back catalogue, so keep an eye on this site for updates.

At the moment, Lorraine is hard at work on her upcoming operatic adaptation of Alan Lightman's critically acclaimed Einstein's Dreams, set to premiere September 17, 2006 at Carroll Community College's state-of-the-art Scott Center theater in Westminster, MD. It promises to be a musical spectacle to delight both the mind and the soul. While you're waiting, c'mon in, take a little time to explore the site, and get to know this extraordinary artist.

Ms. Whittlesey (and Private Sector Productions) can be contacted by mail:

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