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Publication Date Reference
Baltimore Sun Nov 7, 2001 review of Memoria Technica
  May 19, 2002 interview with LLW & Joyce J Scott
  Feb 9 & 13, 2003 previews of The New Barbarians
  Feb 13, 2003 preview of Gertrude's dinner performance
  Apr 15, 2007 interview of LLW by Glenn McNatt re Einstein's Dreams
Baltimore Magazine Apr, 1999 story about LLW / Naughty By Nature connection
  Feb, 2001 review of Try Me
Baltimore CityPaper Nov 22, 2000 review of Try Me
  Mar 19, 2003 critic's choice selection for Theramin presentation
Baltimore Messenger Feb 26, 2001 interview with LLW
Carroll County Times Apr 20, 2001 story about Western Maryland College commission
Maryland Public Television Sept 8, 2004 MPT promo for the interview with LLW
PeekReview Dec 8, 2001 review of Bud: the Musical
  Jan 1, 2002 review of Ebony & Irony IV - Clinton Comes to Harlem
Radar Review Feb, 2003 preview on The New Barbarians
Walters Art Museum Feb, 2003 press release about The New Barbarians