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The Lines - The Lines, an acclaimed new wave band from New York, released this self-titled single in 1980. Their EP Statues was released in 1981. LLW was keyboardist and shared writing credits.

Opening Measures - All the material on this compilation, released in 1985, was written and performed by LLW. It contains, among other works, the ballad How Can You Live Without Me, which was later re-recorded by Arista recording artists Naughty by Nature as Wicked Bounce. (see below)

Synaesthesia Live - "Synaesthesia" is the combined output of multiple artists who have been exposed to the same stimulus. In this 1997 event, poets paired up with composers to select and interpret a piece of visual art from the collections of the Walters Art Museum. LLW and poet Clarinda Harriss chose an Egyptian grave mask, and the resulting Grave Mask was sung by soprano Hyunah Yu in a concert recorded live at the Walters. The recording received a limited release.

Synaesthesia: Psychol - This concert was the follow-up the the successful effort of 1997 This time, the interpreted works were chosen from the We Are Not Alone: Angels and Other Aliens show at Baltimore's American Visionary Art Museum. LLW & poet David Beaudouin collaborated on Sonnet, which was read by the poet to theramin music by LLW. The recording of the show at AVAM received a limited release.

We Are Not Alone - Recorded at the American Visionary Art Museum when LLW was composer-in-residence. All material was written by LLW and performed by Concert Artists of Baltimore.

Nineteen Naughty Nine - Released by Arista recording artists Naughty by Nature in 1999, this album contains Wicked Bounce, whose bass line came from LLW's How Can You Live Without Me. (see Opening Measures, above). LLW has shared writing credit on this Grammy-nominated album.

Try Me - Released in 2000, this CD is a cooperative venture with visual & performing artist Joyce J. Scott. All material is written and played by LLW, sung by JJS, and engineered by Joe Wall.

Memoria Technica - This CD, released in 2001, was commissioned for the Morpheus Trio by Dr. Robin Armstrong of McDaniel College. The material was inspired by the writings of Lewis Carroll, aka Charles L. Dodgson of Oxford University.

Bud, the Musical - Released in 2002, this on-going cooperative venture with visual & performing artist D.S. Bakker, contains original lyrics and music by LLW which were inspired by the world travels of Bud (a mannequin). Engineered by Joe Wall.