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Suite for Two Violins, Op1     Seesaw  

Sonata for an Imaginative Guitarist, Op.2   Seesaw  

Sonata for Unaccompanied Cello, Op.3  Seesaw 

YOUNGEST BROTHER (Ballet for Nine Instruments), Op.4     TC  

CONCERT PIECE for Trombone and Piano, Op.5  Seesaw 

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, Op.6   Seesaw 

String Trio, Op.7    Seesaw 

String Quartet No.1, Op.8    Seesaw 

LITTLE SUITE for Piano, Op.9     G.Schirmer 

PASSACAGLIA for Piano, Op.10   Tetra Music 

Symphony in Two Movements, Op.11    Seesaw 

SCENE:DOMESTIC (chamber opera), Op.12           Carl Fischer (rental) 

MARCHE MILITAIRE for Band, Op.13   TC  

EVOCATIONS (Four Songs for Alto and Piano),     Op.14      TC 

Partita for Unaccompanied Oboe, Op.15     Seesaw 

CHORUS OF THE FROGS (Aristophanes),  Op.16  G.Schirmer 

Wind Quintet, Op.17   Seesaw 

KUBLA KHAN for Women's Voices and Piano, Four-Hands,  Op.18      TC 

TO MUSIC (Herrick, Shakespeare) for Soprano and Piano,    Op.19   TC 

VARIATIONS ON AN AMERICAN SONG for orchestra,          Op.20      Carl Fischer (rental) 

SPANISH DANCE FOR Percussion Ensemble,        Op.21#2    Raldor  

Four Studies for School Orchestra,  Op.21#5  G.Schirmer 

Sonata for Organ, Op.22    Seesaw 

ELEGY IN MEMORY OF KAROL RATHAUS for Brass Ensemble, Op.23      Musica Rara 

SERMON (Donne) for Male Voices and Organ,      Op.24    Seesaw 

PRELUDE for Brass and Organ, Op.24A  Seesaw 

CHARTRES WEST for Large Orchestra, Op.25      Carl Fischer (rental) 

HOMAGE TO BACH for Chamber Orchestra, Op.26   Carl Fischer (rental) 

Three Songs for Soprano and Flute (Herrick),       Op.27   Seesaw

DUO CONCERTANTE for Wind Quintet, Op.27A     Seesaw 

TRUE THOMAS for Soprano, Tenor and Piano, Op.28      TC 

String Quartet No.2, Op.29    Seesaw 


String Quartet No.3, Op.31       Seesaw 

LYRIC VARIATIONS for Oboe and Strings, Op.32  Carl Fischer (rental) 

Brass Quintet, Op.33    Seesaw 

SARABANDE for Flute, Horn, Cello and Piano, Op.34#1  Seesaw 

PICTURE for Wind Quintet, Op.34#2      Seesaw 

INTRODUCTION AND GRAN' SCHERZO for Five Horns, Op.34#3     Seesaw 

Music for Nine Horns, Op.34#4        Seesaw 

Sonata for Harpsichord, Op.35       Seesaw 

Sonata for Horn, Op.36    Brass Press 

GREAT SCOTT! (Suite after Joplin) for Orchestra, Op.37      G.Schirmer (rental) 

A JOPLIN OVERTURE, Op.37A    G.Schirmer (rental) 

JOPLINATION for Band, Op.37B   G.Schirmer 

Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano, Op.38      Seesaw 

Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, Op.39    TC 

Toccata for Trumpet and Piano, Op.39A      G.Schirmer 

Sonata for Unaccompanied Viola, Op.40    Seesaw 

RICHARD III (Opera in Four Acts), Op.41/96   Carl Fischer (rental) 

Sonata for Bassoon and Piano, Op.42      Seesaw 

A SOUSA OVERTURE, Op.43    G.Schirmer (score published, perf. materials on rental) 

CAPRICCIO for Violin and Percussion Ensemble,   Op.44#1  Seesaw 

DUO CAPRICCIOSO for Violin and Piano, Op.44#2   Seesaw 

RAGTIME CAPRICE for Piano and Orchestra, Op.45   G.Schirmer (rental) 

THREE POPULAR SONGS for Soprano and Piano, Op.46     TC 

ANTONIANA (Suite for Chamber Orchestra, after Vivaldi),   Op.47      G.Schirmer (rental) 

Four Preludes for Guitar, Op.48        G.Schirmer 

MINIATURE VARIATIONS for Violin and Piano, Op.49  Seesaw 

Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op.50       Seesaw 

Sonatina for Harp, Op.51#1     G.Schirmer 

PARADE for Unaccompanied Clarinet,    Op.51#2     G.Schirmer 

CONCERT VARIATIONS for Trumpet and Marimba,  Op.51#3       Bruce Nichols Music 

THE CALENDAR for Women's Voices and Piano,   Op.51#4   Tetra 

THREE VIRTUOSO CAPRICES for Two Oboes and English Horn, Op.51#5     Seesaw 

SONATINA FOR FLUTE(S), Op.51#6   Seesaw 

DANZA VIVA! for Orchestra, Op.52       G.Schirmer (rental) 

LANIER SONGS (Sidney Lanier), for Soprano, Flute, English Horn, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet, Cello and Piano, Op.53    Seesaw 

THRENODY for Strings, Op.54   G.Schirmer (rental) 

A SECULAR MASQUE (Dryden), Op.55   G.Schirmer (rental) 

SONATA JUBILATE for Organ and Brass, Op.56   Seesaw 

CANZONE CONCERTANTE NO.1 for English Horn and Orchestra, Op.57    G.Schirmer (rental) 

PRELUDE AND FUGUE for Two Oboes, Oboe d'Amore and English Horn, Op.58#1       Seesaw 

Two Songs for Soprano, Clarinet and Piano, Op.59  Seesaw 

ULTIMA THULE for Orchestra, Op.60    G.Schirmer (rental) 

Quintet for English Horn and String Quartet, Op.61  Seesaw 

Six Duos for Two Flutes, Op.62     Seesaw 

CANZONE CONCERTANTE No.2 for Trombone and Orchestra, Op.63     G.Schirmer (rental) 

CANZONE CONCERTANTE No.3 for Flute, Oboe, Trumpet and Strings, Op.64    G.Schirmer (rental) 

Sonata for Two Pianos, Op.65      Seesaw 

Toccata for Organ,  Op.66      Seesaw 

IMPROVISATIONS for Violin, English Horn (or Alto Sax) and Piano, Op.67#1       Seesaw 

TOURIST MUSIC for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon (or Cello)   Op.67#2    Seesaw 

CANZONE CONCERTANTE No.4 for Cello and Orchestra      Op.68    G.Schirmer (rental) 

String Quartet No.4 ("Remembrances") with mezzo-soprano, Op.69         Seesaw 

Rhapsody for Band, Op.70     Carl Fischer (rental) 

CANZONE CONCERTANTE No.5 for Violin, Piano and Wind Orchestra, Op.71    Carl Fischer (rental) 

PIANO DANCE, Op.72      Seesaw 

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano, Op.73     Seesaw 

GYPSY AIRS for Violin, Clarinet and Piano, Op.74  Seesaw 

Sonata for Violin and Piano, Op.75      Seesaw 

...from SHOLEM ALEICHEM: suite for orchestra, Op.76  Carl Fischer (rental) 

ABAC for Trumpet and Organ, Op.77   Seesaw 

Partita No.2 for Eng.Hn.,Clar. and Bassoon, Op.78  Seesaw 

Concerto for Two Violins and Orch. Op.79  Carl Fischer (rental) 

Piano Trio, Op.80       Seesaw 

CANZONE CONCERTANTE NO.6 for Bassoon and Orchestra,Op.81     Carl Fischer (rental) 

ACRES OF CLAMS for two pianos, Op.82    Seesaw 

Fantasy on Rossini's "Non piu mesta" for 4 Flutes  and Piano,Op.83       Seesaw 

CLAP,CLUCK,COUNT: Interactive Proverbs for Children and Orch., Op.84   Carl Fischer (rental) 

Sonata No.2 for Cello and Piano, Op.85    Seesaw 

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Op.86    TC 

CANZONE CONCERTANTE NO.7 for Viola, Strings and Percussion, Op.87       Seesaw 

REELING IN THE NEW YEAR: A brief diversion for classical orchestra, Op.88   Theodore Presser (rental) 

Sonata for Flute and Piano, Op.89  Seesaw 


Sextet for Piano and Winds, Op.91 Seesaw 

Partita No.3 for Solo English Horn, Op.92  Seesaw 

Variants on a theme by Grieg for 8 Trombones, Op.93 Carl Fischer 

ELEGY IN MEMORY OF NATHAN SCHWARTZ for solo cello, Op.94 Seesaw 

CANZONE CONCERTANTE NO.8  for Vn.& Orch.,Op.95  Seesaw 

RICHARD III revision, Op.96    Carl .Fischer, (rental) 

TWO PIECES from RICHARD III for Orchestra, Op.96A    Carl Fischer (rental) 

String Quartet No.5,  Op.97  Seesaw 

CANZONE CONCERTANTE NO.9 for Trumpet and Strings, Op.98 TC 

Sonata for English Horn and Piano, Op.99  Seesaw 

CAPRICE for Three Violins, Op.100  Seesaw 

Brass Quintet No.2, Op.101   Seesaw 

FANFARE for Brass Ensemble, Op.102

CANZONE CONCERTANTE NO.10, Op.103  for Piano and Strings   Seesaw

PIANO SONATA, Op.104  Seesaw

BARBERSHOP VARIATIONS for quintets of various instruments, Op.105

KADDISH for Alto and piano or orchestra, for mixed chorus, Op.106

VARIATIONS ON DIXIE for wind ensemble, Op.107



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