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Personnel - Organizational Chart

Organization of your business is essential because you as the owner-manager probably cannot do all the work. You will have to delegate work, responsibility, and authority. A helpful tool in getting this started is an organizational chart. An example is provided for you below Be sure to fill in name of individuals in the blank boxes for your business.

Your organization will have assigned individuals to positions related to their skills and experience. Following the organizational chart is a sample job description form. Here the exact duties and responsibilities of the positions in the organization chart should be described.

Then, a brief resume summarizing the skills and experience of the person filling that position should be included. This entire section will allow you to recognize the strengths and weaknesses in your organization early in the game and plan to get assistance wherever you need it. This may also be done by using professional services such as consultants on an as-needed basis or by hiring the needed personnel. Sample Organizational Chart

           |                        |                       |
       Operational               Finance              Marketing/Sales
       Full Time/
       Part Employees

List under the organizational chart or on a separate sheet of paper a list of outside professional services or advisors. Include their name, company, address, and phone. These may include legal, accounting/bookkeeping, marketing/advertising, and technical or management consultants.

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