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05/04/03: Although 3Coins.com appears to promote polygamy, we do not. However, for those persons who must seek a sisterwife, this site offers services monitored by the wisdom of women. Truth and honesty, striving for family values, and confidential handling of personal information are the law of the land here.

Here at 3Coins, polygamy is about women - not men. Our goals are directed towards a committed marriage relationship. If we hear of any abuse towards women or children, we will inform the local police - post haste.

85 % of the earth's population allows polygamy. Actually, only 16% of all cultures prescribe monogamy. Polygamy is illegal in all 50 states of the US and all of Canada (not legal in BC Canada. . .but - not illegal ?), which combined, have an estimated 100,000 poly families. Personally, our advice is - don't try this at home. Polygamy will always be for just a few.

Our cover picture here, was taken at our daughter and son in law's wedding. She works here in the halls of 3Coins.com on the computer, forwarding your replies to the free ads.

If you are a man, and find yourself meandering around the parking lot here at 3Coins, here is how it works. This is a membership site that offers paid and free membership privileges. Take a half minute to get your Free Adminder Membership and you will be notified when a new single woman seeking, places an ad. We don't monitor paid member's mail, but all free mail you send is monitored by the 3Coins Webmasters. Nothing is automated. Polygamy family life requires social wisdom. We promote family only (wives and children and their requirements). This is a woman's site. And, for the 100 th time, read "Do's & Don'ts" before replying to or placing an ad. We insist on the very best for the single women here, and those of you who place ads. Of course, you men may place an ad and do as you please. If in doubt, just ask a good woman friend of yours. . .or what the heck, write or call us and ask for directions.

Just to back this suggestion up, here is a quote we received: "Thanks for the wonderful service you are providing. I re-read your "Do's & Don'ts" and absolutely agree about the part where you advise the men to basically bug out. I tried communicating directly (along with my wife) and not only wasn't it effective, it was very stressful for me! My Wife, on the other hand, has handled it very well. So the lesson to me is clear: bug out, let the wife handle it! Just like you said! Duh! I'm glad I discovered this right at the outset so I can spare myself a lot of grief later on."

3Coins.com provides "Free Photo Personal Ad Services" (you must be 18 years old), for women seeking a plural relationship having one husband and two or more wives, and our 3Coins Chat Room. (If you are going to use this site, we strongly suggest you read, "Do's & Don'ts". . .vital for successful searches on this unique terrain.) There are 24 single women seeking, with their personal addresses, on the 3Coins Member's Only Page at the present time, and 16 single women's ads on the single women seeking page for you visitors.

Visit here for Christian Polygamy Information. We don't offer any Religious information. Our site focuses on polygyny "Relationship" personal ads and information. Counseling from wives, for wives and their husband and polygamy information from families having two or more wives, and for single women seeking a plural marriage. These are usually "large family" issues.

New Polygamy04/06/03: Three new single women's ads are on the single woman seeking page.and 5 new ads on the 3Coins Members Only page.

03/31/02: We received this letter from a new 3Coins member and husband: "Thank you for your remarkable website. It turned my thinking around 180 degrees-- from thinking of polygamy as basically a "guy thing" to knowing that it's really about the women. Wow, such an insight, my life is radically different already. For many years I have known my own heart on this matter, but never knew how to approach Gail about it. Then, after reading your site, I realized why Gail and I have both had such a yearning for community, and why Gail in particular has always felt so devastated by lack of deep female relationships in her life, no matter how hard she tries. I popped "the question" to her on Wednesday and her response was enthusiastic. I marked it on the calendar so we'll always remember the date our lives were changed forever. Thanks for everything."

03/20/02: Here's a "success" letter we received; Michael & Kathy, We just wanted to thank you for introducing us! Without 3 coins we would never had met and found the family we have been looking for. We have finally found a happiness that has eluded us for years. We have so much in common and yet there is so much we can learn from each other. We have been busy getting our house together and getting ready to plant our flower garden. We will be putting in our vegetable garden before long. We work together during the day and enjoy our time together in the evenings. So far everything is going great and it can only get better. Again thank you for all your support and help. Yahweh Bless, J, S, and C.

02/23/02: Here is another letter we received; well it took three years but we finally found a third person to join our family. We are just dating now but it seems to be moving right along. So I want to say thanks for all the support from you and your family, as well as your members in the chat room, when I had A question the chat room had answers. Now I can say I see the effort it takes to make it work. . .

From last year: We received this letter: I want to let you know I have made a connection with a great couple and am going for a "home" visit this month. They saw my ad in the 3Coins Members' only letter you sent out and we have been emailing, and had phone calls. We have meshed so well right from the beginning and I think this will be THE couple for me. Thanks for your help 3Coins, and I will keep you posted after the visit. Many thanks again, one more happy single lady. . .

and: Another letter we received: Please remove our couples ad. Thanks to 3Coins, we found our match. Less than 3 months and we have both found a wonderful woman. Our lives have been greatly enriched.

And this letter from a single woman who used our ad services: ". . .you have always been very nice to me. Just to keep you updated - I am very happy here with the couple I met on your 3Coins site and feel like this was the place that I was always meant to be. . . I will ever be grateful for the service that you provide. It has literally made all the difference in my life. . ."

. . .and we have over 96 more letters just like these. . .

Last month: (03/01/03 to 04/01/03): There are three new single woman's ads, total of 16 on the free single women seeking page. There are 21 single women on the 3Coins member's only page. Visitors may write to the free single women ads and we will forward your replies as soon as possible. There are 6 new Couples Seeking ads and 3 new Single Men Seeking ads. We answered 12 questions from folks and forwarded 12 different single women's 73 responses to 3Coins ads. We had10,634 visitors and 15,227 page views. We talked to 2 husbands and 9 wives asking questions. We "fixed everything from a broken heart to the crack of dawn" for all of them. . .pretty busy here in the halls of 3Coins.com.

07/15/01: Here are two Television Programs we 3Coins have appeared on.

08/22/02: Tom Green Information and Up-Dates.

Here is our 3Coins Family Chat Room. You will enjoy your visit and meet the most "quality folks". The coffee is on and the doughnuts include "Lemon Racers." Help yourself, our pleasure. We recommend a free "PayPal" account for storing and moving small amounts of money around the "Internet World." Get yourself a 3Coins Membership and take a look at our, "Pacific Shadow Sites" page, and see metal sculptures by Michael 1Coin.

Brian Murray-Wachtendorf's book, "A Three-Ring Marriage: Beyond Dysfunction to a Dynamic Family Life", tells us about family life in America and is instructive, challenging, enlightening, and inspiring.

Brian Murray-Wachtendorf lives with his two wives and seven children in a magnificent log home they built themselves on a farm in Texas. Brian works with emotionally disturbed children in the public school system.

Because of his unusual lifestyle, and his own personal background, Brian speaks articulately and humorously on the practicalities of plural marriage, and the impact of divorce, incest, abuse, and alcoholism on families and children. Early in his life, he decided to say, "I will," rather than "I can't."

"If I can be of any service to you, or your 3Coins family, please don't hesitate to ask. I remain, your friend, Brian Murray-Wachtendorf." Visit Brian's site at: threeringmarriage.com

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