Savannah, 1779

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Savannah, 1779 - Playtest Report

Savannah Playtest at WBC

Thanks to Bill Cooper, Matt Miller and Rob McCracken for making time at the WBC to squeeze in a final playtest of Savannah. Seems we're ready to go.

The main feature to come out of this test was to give the French and Americans separate VP counters. We've said before that Savannah is a perfect 3-player game (that can certainly be played by 2). Instead of an Allied VP counter the French and Americans will now have their own and the winner (assuming they defeat the British) will be the Allied player with the most individual victory points. Given that the French and Americans cannot stack or cooperate in attacks and have separate Army Morale tracks but must share allied momentum and allied random event cards it will make their reluctant alliance even that much more stressed. Thanks again to Bill, Matt and Rob.

I asked Tony Curtis, GMT's VP of production, when we could expect the game now that it's knocking on 500 orders. His best guess was that it goes into the production cycle in December with a February or March release. I noticed that the P-500 posting dated 8/8 indicated 477 orders. I don't know if that includes orders written at WBC. If any of you are still waiting, now's the time to get that order in. The sooner we can move that number to the magic 500, the more assured we are of having Savannah by March.

Thanks for your support.

Mark Miklos