Chapter 1. Introduction

Table of Contents

1. Assumed Knowledge
2. Howto Install Aegis
3. Howto Contribute

This manual contains a series of brief lessons or “How To” guides for using Aegis. Each is arranged to cover two pages, so that when the manual lies open on the desk, the whole subject is easily visible in front of you.

When printing this manual, it is essential to print it double sided, or the “subject at once” effect will not occur.

The table of contents will be printed last. Insert it (there should be two pages, on one sheet of paper) before this page.

1. Assumed Knowledge

Many of these sections are written for use by beginners, so there is a fairly low level of assumed knowledge. However, you may want to have The Aegis User Guide, and The Aegis Reference Manual very close by, as all of the material conveyed here is available in a more expended or detailed form on those manuals.

2. Howto Install Aegis

The description of how to build, test and install Aegis may be found in the Reference Manual, under the heading The BUILDING File, which reproduces the BUILDING file included in the Aegis source distribution.

If you installed Aegis using a RedHat or Debian package, this will not be at all relevant to you, simply ignore it.

3. Howto Contribute

If you would like to see other “How To” subjects, please drop me an e-mail. Better yet, write one and e-mail it to me.