aetest — test results file format


The default configuration of the test_command and development_test_command commands of the project config file (see aepconf(5) for more information) is for the test commands to test a single test file and a single architecture at a time. On some systems, this is not efficient.

When configured to run multiple simultaneous tests, or multiple simultaneous architectures, a file of the format described here is used to communicate the test results back to Aegis.


Use a separate row for each unique filename and architecture combination.

test_result = [ { ... } ];

All the fields are mandatory.

file_name = string;

This is the name of the file being tested. Use the same filename as was given to the test command.

exit_status = integer;

This is the exit status returned by the test.

architecture = string;

This is the architecture which the test was run on. Defaults to the architecture of the current system if not set. (Try to avoid setting this field unless you have a very clever multi-architecture test system.)



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