A Project Change Supervisor

Reference Manual

This document describes Aegis version 4.22 and was prepared 11 April 2006.

This document describing the Aegis program, and the Aegis program itself, are

Copyright © 1991-2006 Peter Miller All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111, USA.

Table of Contents

I. ReadMe
Read Me - project change supervisor
II. Building
Build - project change supervisor
III. Commands
ae-cvs-ci - checkin a change set to CVS
ae-repo-ci - redundant repository checkin
ae-sccs-put - put sccs version
ae_c - set change number
ae_p - set project name
aeannotate - annotated source file listing
aegis -Build - build a change
aebuffy - watch for changes
aegis -Change_Attributes - modify the attributes of a change
aegis -Change_Directory - change directory
aegis -Change_Owner - set change owner
aegis -CLEan - clean files from development directory
aegis -clone - make an exact copy of a change
aecomp - compare two changes
aecomplete - command completion
aegis -CoPy_file - copy a file into a change
aegis -CoPy_file_Undo - reverse action of aecp
aecvsserver - serve CVS client protocol against Aegis projects
aegis -DIFFerence - find differences between a change and the baseline
aegis -Develop_Begin - begin development of a change
aegis -Develop_Begin_Undo - undo the effects of aedb
aede-policy - check change set is ready for aede
aegis -Develop_End - complete development of a change
aegis -Develop_End_Undo - recall a change for further development
aediff - file differences between deltas
aedist - remotely distribute a change
aegis -DELta_NAme - assign a symbolic name to a project delta
aeedit - edit a change's files
aegis -File_ATtributes - modify the attributes of a file
aefind - search for files in directory hierarchy
aefinish - finish a change
aefp - calculate file fingerprint
aeget - Aegis CGI file access
aegis - project change supervisor
aegis.cgi - Aegis web interface script
aegis -Integrate_Begin - begin integrating a change
aegis -Integrate_Begin_Undo - reverse the aeib command
aegis -Integrate_Fail - fail a change integration
aeimport - import foreign repository into Aegis
aeintegratq - integrate changes into projects
aegis -Integrate_Pass - pass a change integration
aegis -List - list (possibly) interesting things
aelcf - list change files
aelock - take a lock while a command runs
aelpf - list project files
aels - annotated directory listing
aemeasure - simple file metrics
aegis -Make_Transparent - make branch file transparent
aegis -Make_Transparent_Undo - no longer make branch file transparent
aegis -MoVe_file - rename one or more files as part of a change
aegis -MoVe_file_Undo - undo the rename a file as part of a change
aegis -New_Administrator - add a new administrator to a project
aegis -New_BRanch - create a new branch
aegis -New_BRanch_Undo - remove a branch
aegis -New_Change - add a new change to a project
aegis -New_Change_Undo - remove a new change from a project
aegis -New_Developer - add new developers to a project
aegis -New_File - add new files to be created by a change
aegis -New_File_Undo - remove new files from a change
aegis -New_Integrator - add new integrators to a project
aegis -New_Project_Alias - create a new project alias
aegis -New_PRoject - create a new project
aegis -New_ReLeaSe - create a new project from an old-style project.
aegis -New_ReViewer - add new reviewers to a project
aegis -New_Test - add a new test to a change
aegis -New_Test_Undo - remove new tests from a change
aegis -Project_Attributes - modify the attributes of a project
aepatch - send and receive changes as patches
aepromptcmd - change prompt color by change state
aereport -RePorT - report generator
aegis -Remove_Administrator - remove administrators from a project
aegis -Review_Begin - begin a change review
aegis -Review_Begin_Undo - stop reviewing a change
aegis -Remove_Developer - remove developers from a project
aerect - draw a rectangle
aerevml - send and receive RevML change sets
aegis -Review_FAIL - fail a change review
aegis -Remove_Integrator - remove integrators from a project
aegis -ReMove_file - add files to be deleted to a change
aegis -ReMove_PRoject - remove project
aegis -ReMove_file_Undo - remove files to be deleted from a change
aegis -Remove_Project_Alias - remove a project alias
aegis -Review_PASS - pass a change review
aegis -Review_Pass_Undo - rescind a change review pass
aegis -Remove_ReViewer - remove reviewers from a project
aesub - substitute and echo strings
aesubunit - run SubUnit tests
aesvt - simple version tool
aegis -Test - run tests
aetar - remotely distribute a change via tar
aegis -VERSion - give version information
aexml - Aegis database to XML
aexver - graphical file history
tkaeca - GUI interface for aeca, using TCL/TK
tkaegis - GUI interface for Aegis, using TCL/TK
tkaenc - GUI interface for aenc, using TCL/TK
tkaepa - GUI interface for aeca, using TCL/TK
tkaer - GUI tool for reviewing Aegis change sets, using TCL/TK
IV. File Formats and Syntax
aecattr - aegis change attributes file
aecstate - aegis change state file
aedir - aegis directory structures
aefattr - aegis file attribute file format
aefstate - aegis file state file
aegis - file format
aegstate - aegis state file
aegis locking - how locking works, and which commands use them
aemetrics - metrics values file format
aepattr - project attribute file
aepconf - aegis project configuration file
aepstate - project state file
aer - report script language definition
aerptidx - report index file format
aesub - available command substitutions
aetest - test results file format
aeuconf - user configuration file
aeustate - user state file
A. GNU General Public License
1. Preamble
2.1. Section 0
2.2. Section 1
2.3. Section 2
2.4. Section 3
2.5. Section 4
2.6. Section 5
2.7. Section 6
2.8. Section 7
2.9. Section 8
2.10. Section 9
2.11. Section 10
2.12. NO WARRANTY Section 11
2.13. Section 12
3. How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs