Chapter 12. Further Reading

Table of Contents

1. Software Configuration Management
2. Reviewing

This chapter contains information about books, articles or web sites relevant to some aspect of Aegis or using Aegis. These references should not be taken as endorements.

If I've missed a good reference, it isn't personal, but I can't and haven't read everything out there. Email me the information and I'll add it to this chapter (no advertising, please).

1. Software Configuration Management

Eaton, D. (1995), Configuration Management Frequently Asked Questions, This is an essential first-stop for information about Software Configuration Management. It has an excellent book list.

Pool, D., CM Today, This is a configuration management portal site, with news and other links.

2. Reviewing

Baldwin, J. (1992), An Abbreviated C++ Code Inspection Checklist, This web page talks about C++ code inspections with some useful suggestions about how to conduct (rather formal) reviews and some for C++ constructs to watch out for.