Bill,  Lurley,  Mike,  Virginia,  Bill,  George,  Don,  Anna

Missing from photo  Sharon,  Richard,  Kathy



I am not sure there is really a definition for it as yet... but in our case, it is a bunch of crazed ukulele aficionados, sharing their unique and varied talents, on an unsuspecting  public, in a fun and unexpected way... guerilla style

While there are many Ukulele clubs that play out on a regular basis at festivals, local events, retirement/convalescent facilities and similar venues, we are perhaps the first group in California to do it in this unique and fun way 


Here are a few photos from our first outing on February 13, 2010 

at the Promenade Mall in Temecula, California


Mission:  Share a little Ukulele strummin' and have a fun afternoon

Weapons:  Ukulele, Banjo Ukulele, Guitar and Vocals

Tactics:  Seek 'em out  -  Hit 'em with "Five Foot Two"  -  and then run

Results:  Mission Accomplished


Our enthusiastic group of Guerillas, looking forward to a fun afternoon   

What kept you guys? 

...we have been waiting here for an hour

The Food Court provided a varied audience 

A real sweetheart

What kind of song is that... never heard of it   

We get invited into the Optical Store   

Don... just how do you charm the ladies that way?

Did it really sound that bad?  

We find the perfect "Five Foot Two"   

This dude strums a mean axe... is that a F7th?   

Smart kid... he's leaving   

Getting it on and havin' fun   

 George... I think you are serenading a dummy   

A touching moment

Oh no!  I can't bare to look   

Sharon and Lurley help with the vocals   

Time-out for a quick break  

Last stop... and we get our picture taken one more time   



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