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Welcome to your class pages. These pages contain a great deal of useful information for both students and their parents. The more you take advantage of this information, the more organized and prepared  you will be for our class work and the fewer questions you will have about the policies and procedures we will be following throughout the year.

Under the course  headings above you will find the unit by unit syllabi for your class including important terms and concepts you should be paying attention to as you do your readings. In addition, you will find the routine homework assignments, their due dates, and dates for upcoming tests as well as other important information.

Under the heading "Class Expectations" you will find a detailed outline of the policies and procedures we use in our class. Pay particular attention to the policies regarding late work, making up missed tests, and writing your lab reports; they are important! If you have any questions you can  always contact via voice mail at 617.615.3075 or by email.

Picture of the Week
Featuring the art of Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919) the famous and controversial German biologist and artist. He forcefully championed the theory of evolution although he had significant differences with the theory of Natural Selection proposed by Charles Darwin. Haeckel's use of  embryonic evidence to support his theory is now largely discredited. However, he is still recognized for his descriptions of thousands of new species, coining terms such as "ecology" and "phylum,"  and his incredible art work depicting biodiversity.

Image from Wikimedia Commons
  • 13 April: Biology, Chapter 11 test
  • 12 May: Biology, Chapter 12 test
  • 7 June: Biology, Chapter 15 test
  • 15 June: Biology, Semester 2 Exam

Class Expectations
Parent/Student Communication Guide
Grading Policies
Grading Rubrics
Guide for Writing Lab Reports
Guide for Writing an Article Summary
Academic Integrity & Plagiarism
Lab Safety Contract

Class Resources and Data
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Support Center Schedule
Useful Internet Sites
Bean Data
Bean Data 2
Ecology Bean Data
Species Diversity Data
Simpson's Diversity Index

Just For Fun Department
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Talking Animals from the BBC

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