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Chapter 2, The Chemistry of Life

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A. Read pages 35-43 and answer Questions pages 57-58: 1-5, 11-14. Due  .
Terms & Concepts: The first two sections of this chapter are largely review of last year's Physical Science and you are expected to review this material  on your own. See your teacher for extra help if necessary. We expect you to be familiar with the concepts of elements and compounds, atoms and molecules. Know the three subatomic particles, their charges, location in the atom, and relative masses. Be sure you understand what an isotope is; they are very important in biological research.  Know the differences between ionic and covalent bonds and be able to write the molecular formulae of ionic and covalent compounds. Appreciate that polar covalent and vander Walls forces also play an important role in the behavior of biological molecules such as proteins.

Appreciate that  the simple water molecule plays an incredible important role in biology, in large part due to its highly polar structure. Understand why water is a polar molecule and be able to discuss some of the properties that result. In particular, understand that the polar nature of water has a profound effect on its boiling and freezing temperatures, its cohesive and adhesive properties, and its role as a solvent for a great many substances.  Also review your knowledge of solubility, pH, and acids and bases. You are expected to be familiar with all of this material from last year.

B. Questions pages 57-58: 15-17, 26, 32.  Due  .

C. Read pages 44-48 and answer Questions pages 57-58: 6-8, 18-21, 31. Due  .
Terms & Concepts: Understand why atoms of the element Carbon are so flexible and unique to the point where compounds containing carbon atoms have the special classification as organic compounds. Understand that these unique properties of carbon allow it to form very large macromolecules. Appreciate that these macromolecules are often constructed of smaller subunits called monomers linked together to form polymers. Know the four major groups of macromolecules: the carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. For each you should know their basic structure, how the monomers are linked, their functions in cells, and specific examples of each. 

D. Read these two articles from ScienceDaily and answer the following Questions. Due .
Shape Changes In Aroma-Producing Molecules.
Researchers Graft Olfactory Receptors Onto Nanotubules.

E. Read pages 49-53 and answer Questions pages 57-58: 9-10, 22-25. Due .
Terms & Concepts:  Again, review your knowledge of chemical reactions from Physical Science last year. Be sure you can "read" a chemical equation, know if an equation is balanced, and be able to classify chemical reactions as synthesis, decomposition, single and double replacement. Know the difference between an exothermic and endothermic reaction and the role of energy in these two types of reactions. Understand the significance of activation energy in  exothermic reactions. Be sure you appreciate the role of enzymes in the reduction of activation energy and understand why this is particularly important in cellular processes that depend on chemical reactions. Understand how enzymes function by producing the enzyme-substrate complex and the conditions such as temperature and pH that influence the activity of the enzyme. 

F. Questions pages 57-58: 28-30, 33.  Due .

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