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John Reilly
Born 1825 in Ireland

Prepared by Terence E. Reilly with the assistance of many descendants of John Reilly. Any and all contributions, corrections and additions are welcome.
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Reilly/Riley Outline Descendant Tree
Descendants of John Riley, Sr

 1   John Riley, Sr b: 1825 in Ireland  d: Unknown in Ireland
    +Unk (Married to John Riley, Sr) b: Unknown m: Unknown d: Unknown
      2   John Riley, Jr b: ABT  1848 in Ireland  d: Unknown in Chicago, IL
           +Wife of John Riley Unknown, Jr b: Unknown m: Unknown d: Unknown
             3   John Riley III b: Unknown in Ireland  d: Unknown in Chicago
             3   James Riley b: Unknown in Ireland  d: Unknown in Chicago, IL
      2   Peter J. Riley, Sr b: 10/1850 in Balley Jamesduff County Cavin Ireland  d: 1915 in Johnstown, PA
           +Daphne (Gaffney) Smith b: 1852 in Ireland m: ABT  1869 in Ireland d: ABT  1883 in Ireland
             3   John Boyle Reilly b: 11/15/1868 in Balley Jamesduff County Cavin Ireland  d: 10/23/1951 in Johnstown, PA
                  +Mary Brown b: 5/9/1875 in Shamokin, PA m: Unknown in Johnstown, PA d: 3/7/1924 in Johnstown, PA
                    4   Catherine Reilly b: 1894 in Johnstown, PA  d: 1917 in Johnstown, PA
                    4   Peter John Reilly b: 4/7/1896 in Johnstown, PA  d: 5/12/1970 in San Diego, CA
                         +Catherine Faith b: 1896 in Johnstown, PA m: ABT  1918 in Johnstown, PA d: 4/1924 in Johnstown, PA
                           5   Robert William E. Reilly b: 5/8/1920 in Johnstown, PA  d: 5/17/1992 in Miami, FL
                                +Jeanne Dolores Cronin b: 12/6/1925 in Connellsville, PA m: 9/2/1944 in  Washington, DC d: 12/7/1984 in La Plata, MD
                                   6   Shirley A. Reilly b: 11/27/1945 in Washington, DC
                                        +Kevin Viel b: 1/22/1946 in Salem, MA m: 4/6/1967 in Upper Marlboro, MD
                                          7   Kevin Viel, Jr. b: 9/20/1967 in Washington, DC
                                          7   Kimberly Viel b: 5/4/1970 in Washington, DC
                                                 8   Taylor Viel b: ABT  10/30/1994
                                          7   Nicol Viel b: 2/23/1973 in Washington, DC
                                   6   Robert M. Reilly b: 5/18/1947 in Unk
                                        +Elaine Grouvereau b: Unknown in Unk m: ABT  1964 in Upper Marlboro, MD
                                          7   Robert E. Reilly b: 12/6/1965 in Camp Springs, MD
                                               +Harriet Pinkey b: Unknown in Unk m: Unknown in Unk
                                                 8   Christina Reilly b: Unknown in Unk
                                          7   Paul M. Reilly b: 5/14/1967 in Unk
                                               +Bonnie Unknown b: Unknown in Unk m: Unknown in Unk
                                                 8   Paul M. Reilly, Jr b: Unknown in Unk
                                          7   Robin M. Reilly b: 3/9/1971 in Washington, DC
                                                 8   Lourin Reilly b: Unknown in Unk
                                    *2nd Wife of Robert M. Reilly:
                                        +Hillery Unknown b: Unknown in Unk m: Aft. 1972 in Unk
                                   6   John J. Reilly b: 6/3/1949 in Washington, DC
                                        +Barbara M. Ballard b: 12/7/1951 in Big Spring, TX m: Unknown in Unk
                                          7   John J. Reilly, Jr. b: 10/8/1982 in Big Spring, TX
                                          7   Seana M. Reilly b: 8/15/1985 in Unk
                                          7   William M. Reilly b: 2/19/1990 in Plano, TX
                                   6   Catherine Reilly b: 6/7/1951 in Washington, DC
                                        +Robert Moss b: 12/31/1951 in Unk m: 4/18/1970 in Camp Springs, MD
                                          7   Krista Moss b: 9/4/1970 in Camp Springs, MD
                                               +Jeff French b: ABT  10/12/1968 in Waldorf, MD m: 9/4/1990 in Waldorf, MD
                                                 8   Mathew French b: 1/20/1989 in Washington, DC
                                                 8   Brittany Taylor French b: ABT  1990
                                          7   Catherine Victoria Moss b: 5/26/1973 in Washington, DC
                                          7   Robert Moss, Jr b: 9/17/1977 in Washington, DC
                                   6   Donna Jeanne Reilly b: 12/7/1952 in Baltimore, MD
                                        +Robert C. Lafferty, Jr. b: 5/6/1952 in Unk m: ABT  1977 in Unk
                                          7   Robert C. Lafferty III b: 3/28/1978 in Marlton, MD
                                    *2nd Husband of Donna Jeanne Reilly:
                                        +Howard Michael Perrie b: 11/30/1952 in Unk m: 1988 in Upper Marlboro, MD
                                          7   Howard Michael Perrie, Jr. b: 3/11/1989 in Washington, DC
                                   6 Dolores Reilly b: 11/28/1954 in Baltimore, MD
                                        +Tom Violett b: Unknown in Unk m: ABT  1976 in Unk
                                          7   Michele Violett b: 8/17/1977 in Washington, DC
                                    *2nd Husband of Dolores:
                                        +Gary Roby b: 3/10/1941 in Unk m: Aft. 1980 in Las Vegas, NV
                     *2nd Wife of Peter John Reilly:
                         +Teresa Maier b: 12/29/1903 in Johnstown, PA m: 11/29/1925 in Frgulity, PA d: 6/5/1996 in San Diego, CA
                           5   Richard Francis Reilly b: 9/12/1927 in Johnstown, PA
                                +Mary Carol Long b: 5/17/1931 in Johnstown, PA m: 5/9/1953 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Joan Mary Reilly b: 3/7/1957 in Johnstown, PA  d: 3/8/1957 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Judith Sharon Reilly b: 10/12/1960 in Phoenix, AZ
                                        +Ilija Cvetich b: 10/3/1959 in Chicago, IL m: 7/15/1989 in Fair Oaks, CA
                                          7   Nicholos Alexander Cvetich b: 12/27/1989 in Sacramento, CA
                                          7   Brigit Elise Cvetich b: 10/1/1992
                                          7   George Luca Cvetich b: 6/2/1997 in Sacremento, CA
                                   6   Joseph Francis Reilly b: 4/7/1962 in San Diego, CA
                                        +Gennie Fong Yee b: 4/4/1962 in Detroit, MI m: 8/23/1980 in San Diego, CA
                                          7   Jasmine Marie Reilly b: 11/25/1985 in Colorado Springs, CO
                                          7   Patrick Andrew Reilly b: 3/12/1989 in Colorado Springs, CO
                                   6   Kathryn Marie Reilly b: 12/12/1963 in San Diego, CA
                                        +Anthony Short b: Unknown in Unknown m: 5/1/1993 in Laughton, AR
                                   6   Girard Peter Reilly b: 9/14/1968 in San Diego, CA
                                          7   Dane Alexander b: 12/25/1988 in San Diego, CA
                           5   Terence Edward Reilly b: 9/19/1929 in Johnstown, PA
                                +Esther Mary Hollenbeck b: ABT  1930 in Watertown, NY m: 10/30/1949 in Syracuse, NY
                            *2nd Wife of Terence Edward Reilly:
                                +Jeanne Marie McAndrew b: 2/20/1929 in St. Louis, MO m: 4/16/1955 in Richmond Heights, MO d: 10/15/1999 in Plano, TX
                                   6   Kathleen Mary Reilly b: 9/5/1950 in Newburg, NY
                                        +William Evans b: 7/11/1949 in Rome, NY m: 4/25/1970 in Rome, NY
                                          7   Jeremy Evans b: 5/15/1973 in Rome, NY
                                    *2nd Husband of Kathleen Mary Reilly:
                                        +Maurits Wilkens b: 9/11/1933 in Netherland m: 4/23/1983 in Reno, NV
                                   6   Terence Edward Reilly, Jr. b: 2/19/1952 in Rome, NY  d: 3/30/1981 in Skaneateles, NY
                                        +Rosemary Clark b: 3/1/1952 in Rome, NY m: 7/27/1974 in Rome, NY
                                          7   Michael Clark Reilly b: 12/24/1976 in Leesburg, VA
                                          7   Todd Patrick Reilly b: 9/16/1979 in Syracuse, NY
                                          7   Justin Terence Reilly b: 8/16/1981 in Syracuse, NY
                                   6   Linda Jane Reilly b: 8/31/1956 in Belleville, IL
                                        +Michael Everett Housewright b: 1/29/1957 in Oak Cliff, TX m: 8/16/1980 in Plano, TX
                                          7   Rachel Michelle Housewright b: 5/1/1984 in Plano, TX
                                          7   Rebecca Leigh Housewright b: 12/22/1985 in Plano, TX
                                          7   Christopher Michael Housewright b: 9/11/1987 in Plano, TX
                                   6   Nancy Ann Reilly b: 1/4/1958 in Sumter, SC
                                        +Prax Rivera b: 5/4/1966 m: 3/8/1986 in San Marcos, TX
                                          7   Aaron Michael Rivera b: 2/13/1983 in San Marcos, TX
                                          7   Philip Jordan Rivera b: 3/26/1987 in Kileen, TX
                                   6   Patrick John Reilly b: 1/6/1959 in Sumter, SC
                                        +Wanda Sue Carpenter b: 10/1/1963 in Nassawadox, VA m: 3/22/1986 in Rose Bud, AR
                                          7   Kevin Patrick Reilly b: 12/19/1988 in Searcy, AR
                                          7   Timothy Kyle Reilly b: 9/1/1990 in Searcy, AR
                                   6   Eileen Marie Reilly b: 9/2/1960 in Sumter, SC d: 11/20/2001 in Little rock, AR
                                        +Keith Andrew Runkle b: 7/20/1962 in Williamsport, PA m: 6/29/1996 in Rose Bud, AR
                                            7  Bailey Jeanne Runkle b: 5/1/2001 in Little Rock, AR
                    4   Daphney Reilly b: 1898 in Johnstown, PA  d: 1899 in Johnstown, PA
                    4   Prudence Reilly b: 1900 in Johnstown, PA  d: 1901 in Johnstown, PA
                    4   Alice Reilly b: 10/22/1904 in Johnstown, PA  d: 2/1984 in Unknown
                         +William Buettner b: ABT  1900 m: Unknown in Unknown d: Unknown
                           5   William Buettner b: ABT  1924
                           5   Kathleen Buettner b: ABT  1925
                           5   Eileen Buettner b: ABT  1926
                           5   Mary Alice Buettner b: ABT  1927
                           5   John Buettner b: ABT  1928
                           5   Daniel Buettner b: ABT  1929
                    4   Margaret Reilly b: 1905 in Johnstown, PA  d: 1908 in Johnstown, PA
                    4   Anna Reilly b: 6/13/1906 in Johnstown, PA  d: 3/16/1998 in Johnstown, PA
                         +Thomas Inman Sr. b: 3/21/1904 in Johnstown, PA m: Unknown in Johnstown, PA d: 10/19/1955 in Johnstown, PA
                           5   Peter Inman b: 8/2/1924 in Unknown
                                +Ruby Law b: ABT  1924 in Unknown m: Unknown in Unknown d: ABT  1972 in Unknown
                                   6   Peter Inman, Jr. b: ABT  1950 in Unknown
                                   6   Jackie Inman b: ABT  1951 in Unknown
                                   6   Thomas Inman b: ABT  1952 in Unknown  d: ABT  1967 in Unknown
                                   6   Dennis Inman b: ABT  1953 in Unknown
                                   6   John Inman b: ABT  1954 in Unknown
                           5   Mary Elizabeth Inman b: 8/2/1924 in Johnstown, PA  d: 11/5/1993 in Vernon, FL
                                +Clifford Miller b: Unknown m: Unknown
                                   6   Kathy Ann Miller b: Unknown
                                   6   Trudy Ann Miller b: Unknown
                                        +(Unknown) Manoca b: Unknown m: Unknown
                                   6   Dennis Miller b: Unknown
                                        +(Unknown) Ambrose b: Unknown m: Unknown
                           5   Thomas Inman Jr. b: 11/4/1933 in Johnstown, PA
                                +Dolores Krupa b: 7/18/1932 in Unknown m: ABT  1955
                                   6   Thomas Martin Inman b: 1/12/1953 in Johnstown, PA
                                        +Susan E. Cambell b: Unknown in Unknown m: 8/11/1973 in Unknown d: 7/14/1998 in Johnstown, PA
                                          7   Mathew Inman b: 8/8/1981 in Johnstown, PA
                                          7   Michael Inman b: 10/29/1986 in johnstown, PA
                                   6   Colleen Inman b: 4/12/1954 in Unknown
                                        +Theodore Souza b: ABT  1955 in Unknown m: 8/12/1983 in Unknown
                                   6   Cynthia Mary Inman b: 6/30/1958
                           5   Pearl Inman b: ABT  1934 in Unknown
                                +Melvin Locher b: Unknown in Unknown m: Unknown in Unknown
                                   6   Denise Locher b: ABT  1948
                                   6   Darlene Locher b: ABT  1948
                                   6   La Fawn Locher b: 11/11/1953 in Unknown  d: 3/1980 in Unknown
                                   6   Melvin Locher, Jr. b: ABT  1960
                           5   Ethel Inman b: ABT  1935
                                +Roy Sell b: Unknown m: Unknown
                                   6   Cassandra Sell b: 1949 in Unknown
                                   6   Brandon Sell b: ABT  1951 in Unknown
                                        +Stephanie Unknown b: Unknown in Unknown m: Unknown in Unknown
                                   6   Roy Sell, Jr. b: 11/1954 in Unknown
                                        +Debbie Unknown b: Unknown in Unknown m: Unknown in Unknown
                                          7   Brendan Sell b: ABT  1977
                                   6   Joseph Sell b: ABT  1956 in Unknown
                                        +Cindy Unknown b: Unknown in Unknown m: Unknown in Unknown
                                   6   Rebecca Sell b: ABT  1957
                    4   Daniel Reilly b: 1/5/1909 in Johnstown, PA  d: 2/19/1966 in Johnstown, PA
                         +Margaret Peters b: Unknown m: Unknown d: Unknown
                           5   James Reilly b: Unknown
                                +Joanne Cobaugh b: Unknown m: Unknown in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Daniel Sean Reilly b: Unknown
                                   6   Michael Reilly b: Unknown
                                   6   Patrick Reilly b: Unknown
                                   6   Jimmy Reilly, Jr b: Unknown
                    4   John Reilly b: 1/8/1913 in Johnstown, PA  d: 4/29/1999 in Richland, PA
                         +Sofia Trasko b: 9/17/1916 m: Unknown
                           5   Robert W. Reilly b: ABT  1937 in Johnstown, PA  d: 4/9/1958 in Johnstown, PA
                           5   Patricia Reilly b: ABT  1938 in Johnstown, PA  d: Unknown in Johnstown, PA
                                +Unk Grimaldi b: ABT  1938 in Unknown m: Unknown in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Michelle Grimaldi b: ABT  1960
                                          7   Leah Michelle Grimaldi b: ABT  1980
                                          7   Danielle Grimaldi b: ABT  1981
                                   6   Vivette Grimaldi b: ABT  1961 in Johnstown, PA
                                        +Unknown Vas b: ABT  1961 in Unknown
                           5   Sharon Reilly b: ABT  1950
                                +Frank Seman, Jr. b: ABT  1939
                                   6   Kelly Lynn Seman b: ABT  1970
                                   6   John F. Seman b: ABT  1971
                           5   Maianne Reilly b: 10/13/1953
                                +Timothy Hogue b: ABT  1940
                                   6   Carriane Hogue b: ABT  1973 in Johnstown, PA
                                        +John B. Weakland b: ABT  1973 in Johnstown, PA m: ABT  1993 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Timothy J. Hogue b: ABT  1974
                                        +Heather Miller b: ABT  1972 m: ABT  1992
                                          7   Brandon Hogue b: ABT  1992
                                          7   Ryan Hogue b: ABT  1993
                                          7   Alexis Hogue b: ABT  1994
                    4   Rosemary Reilly b: 9/15/1915 in Johnstown, PA
                         +Thomas Edwards b: 2/8/1907 in Furgality, PA m: 8/4/1944 in Johnstown, PA d: 3/16/1984 in Johnstown, PA
                           5   Rose Ann Edwards b: 8/28/1946 in Johnstown, PA
                                +Ted Potts b: 3/31/1944 in Johnstown, PA m: 9/14/1968 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Thomas Earl Potts b: 7/29/1970 in Johnstown, PA
                                        +Paula Joy Graming b: 10/19/1973 in Johnstown, PA m: 1/14/1995 in Ada, OH
                                          7   Kyle Thomas Potts b: 5/2/1995 in Ada, OH
                                          7   Noelle Brynne Potts b: 9/17/1998 in Cleveland, OH
                                   6   Jennifer Marie Potts b: 9/4/1971 in Johnstown, PA
                                        +Thoms Paul Fetterman b: 4/24/1967 in Johnstown, PA m: 12/18/1999 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Erin Lynn Potts b: 10/19/1973 in Johnstown, PA
                                        +Scott Alan Fetterman b: 7/29/1970 in Johnstown, PA m: 7/20/1996 in Johnstown, PA
                                          7   Lindsay Nicole Fetterman b: 11/11/1997
                                          7   Alexa Reilly Fetterman b: 5/2/1999
                            *2nd Husband of Rose Ann Edwards:
                                +Joseph Zorn b: 6/8/1937 in Berlin, PA m: Unknown
                                   6   Leigh Ann Zorn b: 6/17/1980 in Johnstown, PA
                           5   Mary Jane Edwards b: 7/25/1949 in Johnstown, PA
                                +Jeffrey McCready b: 12/24/1942 in Johnstown, PA m: 5/22/1971 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Michel Jonathon Juhas McCready b: 5/16/1967 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Kristyn Marie McCready b: 5/30/1977 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Bryan Jeffrey McCready b: 2/2/1979 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Karyn Renee McCready b: 6/23/1982 in Johnstown, PA
                           5   Susan Marie Edwards b: 8/22/1953 in Johnstown, PA
                                +Ronald Steven Kozora b: 1/8/1953 in Johnstown, PA m: 5/15/1976 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Daniel Steven Kozora b: 7/19/1982 in Heidleberg West Germany
                                   6   Mark Edward Kozora b: 10/6/1984 in Lancaster, PA
                                   6   Emily Marie Kozora b: 1/9/1986 in Lancaster, PA
                    4   Patricia Reilly b: 11/26/1916 in Johnstown, PA  d: 7/3/1990 in Holly Hill, FL
                         +Edward Finn b: 10/30/1914 in Florida, NY m: Unknown d: 9/27/1967 in Holly Hill, FL
                           5   John Patrick Finn b: 2/14/1941
                     *2nd Husband of Patricia Reilly:
                         +Paul Pastorious b: 9/1/1922 in Clarksburg, WV m: Unknown d: 8/16/1991 in Datona, FL
             3   Mary Reilly b: 1873 in Ireland  d: ABT  1955 in San Francisco, CA
                  +Unknown Madden b: Unknown in Unknown m: Unknown d: Unknown in Unknown
             3   Philip Reilly b: ABT  1875  d: ABT  7/1990 in Los Angeles, CA
             3   Peter J. Riley, Jr b: 1877 in Balley Jamesduff County Cavin, Ireland  d: 10/1927 in Frederick County, MD
                  +Emma Nelson b: 1878 in Johnstown. PA m: 1896 in Johnstown, PA d: 9/8/1957 in Johnstown, PA
                    4   Stella Effie Riley b: 1/24/1898  d: 1928
                         +Edward McGeever b: Unknown m: Unknown d: Unknown
                           5   Robert McGeever b: 1920
                           5   Raymond McGeever b: 1922  d: 1962
                           5   F. Edward McGeever b: 1926
                    4   William F. Riley b: 2/20/1900 in Chicago, IL  d: 3/1974 in Johnstown, PA
                         +Gertrude Agnes Wyar b: 1899 m: Unknown d: 1986
                           5   Dorothy Frances Riley b: 4/23/1922
                           5   Cletus Edwin Riley b: 5/16/1923 in Johnstown, PA
                                +Ruth Rita Burkardt b: 1924 m: Unknown
                                   6   Ronald Cletus Riley b: 1951
                                   6   Gerald William Riley b: 1952
                                   6   Raymond Eugene Riley b: 1954
                                   6   Dennis Joseph Riley b: 1955
                           5   Florence Riley b: 1925
                           5   Patrick Riley b: 5/11/1928
                    4   Walter Riley b: 1903  d: 6/22/1972
                         +Anna Heider b: 1905 m: 5/16/1923
                    4   Joseph Riley b: 1905  d: 6/22/1975
                         +Florence Roussey b: Unknown m: Unknown
                           5   James Riley b: 1927
                           5   Robert Riley b: 1929
                           5   Emma Riley b: 1930
                           5   Joseph Riley b: 1932
                           5   Francis Riley b: 1935
                    4   Catherine Riley b: 1908  d: 1984
                         +William Leitner b: Unknown m: Unknown
                     *2nd Husband of Catherine Riley:
                         +Martin Smith b: Unknown m: Unknown
                           5   William Smith b: 1927
                           5   Fredick Smith b: 1928
                    4   Edward Riley b: 1910
                         +Marie Ripkin b: Unknown m: Unknown
                           5   Elizabeth Riley b: 1931
             3   Patrick Riley b: ABT  1880 in Ireland  d: Unknown in Detroit, MI
       *2nd Wife of Peter J. Riley, Sr:
           +Sarah Brown b: 9/1852 in England m: 1890 in Johnstown, PA d: ABT  1904 in Johnstown, PA
             3   Rosalie Riley b: 1/25/1895 in Johnstown, PA  d: 4/4/1969 in Johnstown, PA
                  +Edward Flynn b: 12/3/1893 in Johnstown, PA m: 1918 in Johnstown, PA d: 8/15/1969 in Johnstown, PA
                    4   Edward Flynn II b: 6/21/1919 in Johnstown, PA  d: 6/23/1919 in Johnstown, PA
                    4   Sister Mary Romuald b: 5/27/1920  d: 11/1/1958
                    4   William Flynn b: 1/1/1922 in Johnstown, PA  d: 5/29/1991
                         +Dorthy Heinrich b: ABT  1923 m: 11/1969 d: Unknown
                    4   Rose Rita Flynn b: 4/22/1924
                         +Boleslaus H. Kawa b: 6/9/1924 in Johnstown, PA m: 8/21/1944 d: 3/17/1998
                           5   John William Kawa b: 7/30/1945 in Johnstown, PA
                                +Ellen Ketter b: 9/9/1952 in Unknown m: 11/1970 in Unknown
                                   6   Christopher Kawa b: 3/20/1976 in Unknown
                                        +Christine Kawa Unknown b: Unknown in Unknown m: Unknown
                                          7   Savannah Kawa b: 9/13/1998 in Unknown
                                   6   Nancy Kawa b: 3/4/1977 in Unknown
                                          7   Emma Rose Kawa b: 7/10/1996 in Unknown
                                   6   Stephen Kawa b: 10/14/1978 in Unknown
                                   6   Shannon Kawa b: 4/24/1979 in Unknown
                           5   Dennis Kawa b: 3/29/1948 in Johnstown, PA  d: 10/4/1948 in Johnstown, PA
                           5   Mary Sharon Kawa b: 4/27/1950 in Johnstown, PA
                                +Frederick Jewett b: ABT  1949 in Unknown m: 3/24/1974 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Melissa Jewett b: 8/8/1975 in Unknown
                                   6   Megan Jewett b: 12/8/1979 in Unknown
                           5   Joseph Kawa b: 4/5/1955 in Unknown
                                +Coranne Kawa Unknown b: Unknown in Unknown m: Unknown
                                   6   Joseph Kawa II b: ABT  1976 in Unknown
                                   6   Krista Kawa b: ABT  1977 in Unknown
                                   6   Michael Kawa b: ABT  1978 in Unknown
                           5   Edward Kawa b: 11/23/1963 in Unknown
                    4   Teresa Frances Flynn b: 1/8/1927 in Johnstown, PA  d: 6/21/1994
                         +Edward L. Carthew b: 8/5/1927 in Johnstown, PA m: 2/3/1951 in Johnstown, PA d: 4/6/1986 in Johnstown, PA
                           5   Michael L. Carthew b: 5/1952 in Johnstown, PA
                                +Patricia Cavanaugh b: 3/1952 in Johnstown, PA m: 8/1974 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Scott Michael Carthew b: 8/1979 in Pittsburgh, PA
                                   6   Erin Renee Carthew b: 8/1979 in Pittsburgh, PA
                                   6   Laura Carthew b: 4/1983 in Texas
                           5   Edward F. Carthew b: 11/1953 in Johnstown, PA
                                +Denise Zeiler b: 4/9/1953 in Johnstown, PA m: 8/1975 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Amy Carthew b: 9/1979 in Ohio
                                   6   Christopher Carthew b: 9/1979 in Ohio
                                   6   Srah Carthew b: 7/1982 in Florida
                                   6   Sharon Carthew b: 7/1983 in Florida
                           5   Elizabeth Carthew b: 9/20/1955 in Johnstown, PA
                                +Unknow Perry b: ABT  1952 in Unknown
                                   6   Dominic Francis Perry b: 12/21/1973 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Donald Joseph Perry b: 12/11/1976 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Edward Louis Perry b: 1/11/1979 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Matthew David Perry b: 3/4/1981 in Johnstown, PA
                            *2nd Husband of Elizabeth Carthew:
                                +Clayton Shank b: 7/1942 in Johnstown, PA m: 2/1993 in Johnstown, PA
                           5   Renee Marie Carthew b: 10/16/1959 in Johnstown, PA
                           5   Wiliam Patrick Carthew b: 3/11/1962 in Johnstown, PA
                                +Valerie Pope b: 6/29/1960 in Fishertown, PA m: 6/28/1986 in Johnstown, PA
                                   6   Bryan Patrick Carthew b: 4/3/1988 in Danville. PA
                                   6   Christopher Robert Carthew b: 10/25/1989 in Danville. PA
                                   6   Jennifer Brianne Carthew b: 5/15/1997 in Harrisburg, PA
                    4   Margaret Mary Flynn b: 5/20/1929 in Johnstown, PA
                         +John Flick b: 6/5/1927 in Johnstown, PA m: 3/11/1948
                           5   Denise Rose Flick Flick b: 1/8/1949 in Johnstown, PA
                                +Peter Lombardi b: ABT  1948 in Unknown m: Unknown in Unknown
                                   6   Christopher Robert Lombardi b: 10/26/1986 in New York
                           5   Edward Francis Flick b: 10/7/1951 in Unknown
                                +Elizabeth Devine b: ABT  1952 in Unknown m: Unknown in Unknown
                                   6   Christina Flick b: 12/26/1972 in New York

A Riley Story
Compiled by Jerry Reilly of Johnstown, Pa.
Interesting and comprehensive story that offers many insights into the Reilly/Riley family.

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