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 This site does not sell, profit from or recommend any product or brand of lithium orotate. 
Below are recommendations from individuals who have experienced benefits from particular brands of lithium orotate.  Please contact this site with additional information about other brands of lithium orotate which you have found to be effective. 
The products below can be found by doing a Google search.  There are several different sites that sell the brands listed.  Shop around for the best price and shipping options.  These lithium orotate products are listed alphabetically.
BEFORE USING LITHIUM OROTATE, BE SURE TO WORK WITH YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON OTHER MEDICATION! (see bottom of  home page for more information about restrictions.)
NCI Advanced Research -- About $12.00 to $13.00 per 200 tabs.  Shipping varies.  Some sites mention this brand with a money back guarantee.
Serenity -- Approximately $35.99 for 90 tabs.  Shipping varies.  Offers 100% money back guarantee.
VRP (Vitamin Research Products) -- 120 tabs for $11.95 plus shipping. 
**Important note**  All brands of lithium orotate are NOT the same.  The above products have been recommended by users as ones that are effective.  There are other brands which have been tried which are not effective for the uses explained on this site.  Please email this site with other product recommendations of lithium orotate brands which work well.