TRU-FIT Silicone Bucking + Full Sleeve

The TRU-FIT Bucking system is a custom made bucking system which does not rely on the stretching of the bucking material to affect a seal. Instead, it is made to fit truely upon the barrel and install with full support around the entire outer surface of the bucking by way of the Full-Length brass sleeve.

This inherently creates a 100% seal all the way to the muzzle. Efficiency and velocity gains anywhere from 20-100fps can be expected (depending on the current quality of your compression system).

The Bucking design is both "nub-less" and "non-indexing" which allows this bucking to be freely rotated upon the barrel.

TF Kit is for use with specialized hopup arm prong geometry. Ideal application with TDC KIT, Flat or modified (nicks) hopup arms, and SCS equipped arms. STOCK arm + slide adjust has insufficient depth.

- PRICE : $30 TF Bucking system (includes)

(1) TF Silicone bucking

(1) Full Length Brass Sleeve


- PRICE : $10 Additional TF buckings (each)