Donette Steele, M.A. / Clinical Psychology

LBCC Work Experience Application Process and Procedures


Instructor: Donette Steele, M.A.
Email the Instructor at
Class seats are limited and applications will be reviewed and assessed as they are received by the Instructor.  Applications need to be received as soon as possible and the date received may factor into acceptance for a position in the class.  
Indicate you desire to be included in WE Spring 2013.  All emails must have WE Spring 2013 in the subject line of email or the email will not be opened by the Instructor.  
The iInstructor will reply to your email and attach the application form.  All information must be submitted with the application.  Missing information will result in the application not being considered for WE .
College level grammar and spelling are required when emailing the Instructor.  This is a professional relationship and emails must reflect this.  The Instructor will also use the quality of writing in the application and emails as an indication of the level of your writing skills and this may affect your acceptance into the class.  The class is very paperwork intensive and the WE Office will not accept paperwork which is not of completed correctly.  Completing the application and college level emails will allow me to assess your ability to complete the paperwork necessary for the class.  So be aware of this criteria.