Donette Steele, M.A. / Clinical Psychology

Work Experience Syllabus

Human Services – Work Experience                                Instructor: Donette Steele, M.A.


71 AD – 2 Unit/  72 AD – 3 Unit/73 AD – 4 Unit

Text Book: Required -          FIELD  INSTRUCTION ROYSE – 6th Edition


Course Description: Course consists of discussions regarding WE in Human Services. The course also involves vocational learning experience through an employment/internship directly related to Human Services.


Course Requirements include:

HS 71 includes 1 unit of field work for a total of 60 hours of Volunteer work (75 Paid) for a total of 2 units

HS 72 includes 2 units of field work for a total of 120 hours of Volunteer work (150 Paid) for a total of 3 units

HS 73 includes 3 units of field work for a total of 180 hours of Volunteer Work (225 Paid) for a total of 4 units.


All Students Must be Declared Human Services or Drug and Alcohol Studies Majors (Mandatory)


All Students Must have approved Job Site Placements


Hours can only be counted after all paperwork has been completed and submitted to the Instructor


Bring a small three ring binder with separators to second class meeting /05/2013 – Discuss how to complete Official WE Office Application (Green) d Objective Form (Pink) and indicate on top of the Official Application your 

 Email paperwork to Instructor by 2/10/13 for feedback and change paperwork as directed by Instructor.


2/19/2013 - Turn in the following Paperwork:                                                


Failure to submit these documents will result in student being dropped from class. (Discuss with Instructor any issues related to problems with submission of paperwork)


a.      Employer/Supervisor Letter (WE District/Employer Agreement)

b.      Student Applications (green)

c.      Instructor Permission Statement with Permission Number indicated

d.      Student's class schedule (print-out)

e.      Learning Objective Agreement (pink)

f.       Ten Things You Do at Your Job

g.      Qualifying Application


NO - WE Hours may be counted until Application Form and Objective Form are completed by student and signed by Supervisor.

NO – WE Hours may be counted before the second week of the class 2/12/2013 and/or your completion of assigned paperwork (hours may not be counted until paperwork is submitted, any late submissions will delay counting of hours until that date.)



Students must have work hours for each week of the semester or no credit will be issued for class.  (If you complete your WE hours early you must still continue at your site placement – a minimum of one hour per week until the semester ends.)  


 Submission of all Application Form and Objective Form for Class   

 2/19/13   Must be complete, signed and dated by supervisor and student.

  Failure to submit by this date will result in student being dropped from class.


All paperwork complete with correct information, all objectives complete, all supervisor’s and student’s signatures must be in place.  Paperwork needs to be approved by the Instructor on this date.  Failure to have completed paperwork on this date with Instructor’s approval will result in student being dropped from the class.




Completion of all Initial Paperwork with copies for Portfolio.


Read Chapters before class meets and be prepared to discuss topic from chapter.  Complete Exercises from textbook as assigned weekly by Instructor.


A Presentation on Agency see syllabus for dates.


Attendance at a Twelve Step Meeting of your choice.  See syllabus for dates


Completion of a Sober Living House Survey.  See syllabus for dates.


Completion of Portfolio with all information included.


Mock Interview and Resume.



At the end of the semester you will be required to submit copies of all work completed for the semester.  A small three ring binder is required. 



The required paperwork will consist of and be placed in folder in the following order and submitted at Final Class Meeting


1. All  Paperwork completed by you:


a.      One month Calendar showing class times and work times

b.      Time Cards (original signed)

c.      Employer/Supervisor Letter (WE District/Employer Agreement) Orginial signed

d.      Student Application (green) orginial signed

e.      Instructor Permission Statement

f.       Student's class schedule (print-out)

g.      Learning Objective Agreement (pink)

h.      Student Performance Evaluation

i.       Resume

j.       Sober Living Survey

k.      Printed copy of Presentation / Powerpoint slides

l.       Workbook Assignment in order by week


All Paperwork must be kept in Folder


All assignments must be turned in by submission date.  Work book assignment will be submitted each week (late assignments graded as follows 50% reduction in grade for one week late, 75% reduction in grade for two weeks late, no Workbook assignments accepted three week late and 0% will be recorded for that assignment  


Student Lead Mentors will accept assignments during the semester.




2/05 - Week One- Initial Meeting/ Discuss Paperwork requirements


2/12 - Week Two Bring in Application Form (aka Green Sheet) and Objectives Form (aka Pink Sheet)    


2/19 -  All paperwork due by this date including Objectives Form with all signatures (must be signed and dated by supervisor prior to 2/12 ) 

2/26 - Week Three Chapter 1 Exercises – 1.1, 1.2  

3/ 05 - Chapter 2 Exercises – 2.2, 2.4

3/ 12 - Chapter 3 Exercises - 3.2, 3.3, 3.4           

3/12 - Chapter 4 Exercises – 4.1, 4.2, 4.3  


 Assign attendance at one Twelve Step type Meeting and Questionnaire to be completed                                                                  


3/26    4.5 and 5.1, 5.2 (only questions #3 and #4 in 5.2) Agency Presentations

4/02 - No Class

4/09 - Chapter 5/6 Exercises – 5.4, 6.1       Agency Presentations

4/16 - Chapter 6 (cont.) 6.2, 6.3                  Agency Presentations

4/23 - Chapter 6 Exercises   6.5, 6.6           Agency Presentations

                                                         Completed Sober Living House Survey Due

4/30 -   Chapter 7 – 7.1, 7.2,  7.3, 7.4         Agency Presentations

5/07 -   Chapter Chapter 8 - 8.1                  Agency Presentations.

5/14 -   Chapter 9 – 9.1                                Mock Interviews /Resumes

5/21 -   Submit Portfolios                             Mock Interviews/ Resumes


 5/ 28  Submit all Paperwork (Original timecards etc.)


Final Date to be announced – Turn in Student Folder / Portfolio with all completed assignments.


Students will complete and present a PowerPoint Presentation on their Work Site Placement. 

Topics to be discussed.  


Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Formulate three work-related objectives; the content and nature of those objectives will vary by student, and demonstrate these objectives during the work experience process.
2. Evaluate job specific skills and responsibilities so as to enhance employment options.
3. Critique a simulated job interview through a role-play scenario.

4.  Create  Power Point Presentation on  Work Site


Semester Grade will be based on the following criteria:


Initial Paperwork completed correctly – 300 points


Completion of per exerciseExercises in Textbook weekly as indicated. Late submissions will be given no credit. 10 points  =  260


Sober Living Questionnaire/ Survey = 120  (not completed = -200 points)


Timecards completed correctly, sufficient number of hours and correct signatures with copy for Instructor turned in monthly – 50 points per month / 200 points total 


Evaluation by Employer – 300 points possible depending on rating.


Attendance – 10 points per class = 100 points (missing more than three classes you will automatically be dropped by Instructor) Attendance bonus – 50 points for no absences.


Presentation of Power Point - 200 points


Mock Interview and Resume = 250


Absent for any Student Presentation = -100 points for each class


Portfolio -  500 points possible – deductions for missing information or assignments


90 to 100% of points = A

  80 to 89% of points = B

 70 to 79 % of points = C

  60 to 69% of points = D

Below 60% of points = F


OFFICE HOURS:  I will be available in the classroom after class.  I am also available by appointment.  I can also be reached at (562) 8568122.  Leave a return number and the best times to reach you.  I will not return calls if you have any type of call blocking on your line as I will not release my home number.  My email address is   I will return email promptly.

EMAIL: Email will not be opened by the Instructor unless the subject line includes your name, name of the college and course name. Email me at  Do not email at the email address as I do not frequently check this.  Do not call the college with messages for the instructor as the Department does not accept messages.  Do not call me with a message that you will not be in class, this is your responsibility and not mine.  Again, do not the email address at the college.  My email address is


ASSIGNMENTS: Do not call me and ask what the assignments are OR what chapter we are on OR when your presentation is or what group you are in.  Get group information and work with them.  Do not ask me, if you miss class, if you missed anything important as it is all IMPORTANT.


All original time cards must be brought to class on date indicated on syllabus

The same supervisor as indicated on Objective Sheet (aka PINK SHEET) is the only person allowed to sign time cards.  Complete names must be signed (no nick names or initials)


NAME:   __________________ CLASS (indicated 71, 72 or 73 AD) _______Instructor_________


=.25          = .5           = .75


FEB                                                                MARCH

WEEK ONE : NA                                            WEEK ONE ________  

WEEK TWO: NA                                            WEEK TWO________

WEEK THREE: _______                               WEEK THREE _______

WEEK FOUR:_______                                  WEEK FOUR ________

WEEK FIVE________                                    WEEK FIVE ________

TOTAL FOR FEB. __________                 TOTAL FOR MARCH ________


APRIL.                                                              MAY.                                                                                                     WEEK ONE________                                      WEEK ONE _________      

WEEK TWO _______                                      WEEEK TWO ________  

WEEK THREE______                                     WEEK THREE________

WEEK FOUR_______                                      WEEK FOUR ________   

WEEK FIVE ________                                     WEEK FIVE _________

TOTAL FOR APRIL.    ________                     TOTAL FOR MAY. _______               


CLASS # HS_____ (71, 72, or  73)  which equals    ____________HOURS                    

FEB         ______                                                                                           

MARCH.  ______

APRIL      ______

MAY         ______



TOTAL HOURS  I NEED TO COMPLETE COURSE____________Indicate V or Paid____________

TOTAL HOURS I HAVE COMPLETED                     _____________




Work Experience Hours / Paperwork Student Responsibility



I,   name: _____________________, Student #_________________ have completed the following

Number of hour’s _________ for Work Experience.  To receive credit for this course I need to

complete ________ hours.  I am a PAID/ VOLUNTEER WORKER (circle one). I certify that I have

completed the minimum number of hours necessary to received Credit in this course.  I

understand  that it is my  responsibility to insure I have completed the necessary number of hours 

to complete this course.  I am also responsible for any mistakes in addition on my time cards that

may result in less than the number of hours needed to complete this course.  I understand that  I

will not receive credit for this course if my time cards do not accurately reflect or meet the number

 of hours necessary to complete  this class.  I also understand that my supervisor, as designated

by my Application (aka Green Sheet) and Objective (aka Pink Sheets), must sign each time card and that no other person may do so.  My Supervisor will also be required to sign and rate my job performance using an evaluation sheet based on my completion of objectives and work record.  My Supervisor’s name must be signed, on the  time cards,  in the  same way my Supervisor signed my  Objective Sheet,


Supervisor’s Letter  Sheet, and Evaluation Sheet.  Any time cards or paperwork signed differently (do not use nicknames or initials) will be not considered valid. I also understand that I will not receive any credit based on incorrectly signed  time cards.  I understand this may lead to not completing/ or receiving the number of hours needed to pass this class.  I understand all timecards/paperwork submitted must be  original and no photocopies are accepted.    No whiteout, erasure or crossed out,  rewritten timecards or paperwork will be accepted.  All paperwork is due on . I understand paperwork is due at that time and failure to have all paperwork turned in and completed may lead to my not receiving credit in the course.

It is my responsibility to review materials for accuracy and I understand any problems with paperwork may lead me to failing or receiving no credit in the course.



____________________________________(Signed)    (Date)__________


____________________________________(Print your name)