Donette Steele, M.A. / Clinical Psychology

Work Experience 12-Step Meeting Assignment






Have you previously attended a 12-step Meeting?   Y  /  N



12-Step Meeting Questionnaire




1)           Name, Address, Time and Type of meeting you   

              attended. (E.g. Speaker meeting, Step Study,  






2)        How did you find this meeting? (Internet search, Directory, a Friend)




3)         Why did you choose this meeting over other possibilities?




4)        What was talked about? (E.g. If a speaker meeting, first name of speaker, years of sobriety, what happened for them to end up in a 12-step program.) (If Step Study, what step was it and what does that step say)?






5)         Write 2 things you related to from others sharing and will it affect you in your personal life?










6)        What is the most important thing you feel you got out of the meeting you attended and why.








7)       Would you attended this meeting again, or would you recommend this meeting to a friend or family member with a substance abuse or other addictive problem? (Why or Why Not)




8)  What other types of 12-Step Meetings would interest you and why?





9)  Do you feel 12-step meetings are necessary to maintain the freedom from an addictive behavior and why?





10)  Do you feel the religious aspect of a 12-step meeting is necessary?  Was stressed  at the meeting you attended?