1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe

1947 Plymouth Special Deluxe
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Hello!  I'm David Maxwell, the owner of this beautiful car.  I live in Santa Maria, CA, a mid-sized town at the north end of Santa Barbara County.  I purchased my first P15 Plymouth (a 1948 Club Coupe) in 1979 at age 18. I fell completely in love with everything about the car and quickly purchased a second P15 (1949 First Series 4-Door sedan) soon after. Unfortunately had to give up both cars in order to go off to college.  I vowed that one day I would find another P15 and restore it to its original beauty. Over the next 20 years, I purchased several vintage cars, trying to recapture that feeling I had with my old Plymouth, however, nothing came close.  I tried a 47 Chevy, a 48 Ford and even a 57 Plymouth, but none of these cars could offer the right combination of styling, ride and nostalgic feel of the P15. Finally, in 2000, while thumbing through a Photo Ad, I came across "The Beast". It was a solid P15 4-Door about 50 miles north of my home. I took a drive up to San Miguel to take a look and instantly knew this would be the one. The car was rust-free, and running pretty strong. Still, it needed a complete restoration. Within a few months, I began dismantling The Beast.My daughter had commented that the car looked like the ones in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  She renamed it R.K. Maroon after the owner of Toon Town.  From that moment on, I knew that I would repaint the car in Cruiser Maroon (one of the original color options).  Clicking on the image to the right will take you to R.K. Maroon's off-frame restoration photo gallery.  Every detail on the car was restored to factory-originla specs, materials, patterns and colors.  From the exact repro pinstriped wool broadcloth to the cloth braided 6 volt electrical harnesses, this car looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor in 1947.  I hope it brings back some fond memories for you or provides some insight to a world you never before knew. 

Please get in touch with me regarding any comments or reactions to my site.

Get your kicks in a flathead six!