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PolyMath 1.7 - THE continous improvement 
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Polymath 1.7 - The continuous improvement...

Polymath, the complete suite for programming all terminals in the ESA family, is updated to the 1.7 version, enriched with new important functionalities:
Renewed project creation wizard: just three steps to create a new project
Thresholds management: it is possible to easily assign one or more properties of an object to a variable within a project
Advanced objects handling: greater functionality and performance
'Simple Event' Banner Functionality: along with the classical management of the ISA type Banner, the possibility is given to select the new SIMPLE EVENT mode
CodesysŪ Driver: Wago (Ethernet), Kuhnke (Ethernet + serial), Keb (Ethernet) and Erhardt+Leimer (Ethernet) with direct import of variables
Popup limits: allows to inform the user if an incorrect value is introduced into a variable
New installation menu: quicker and more intuitive


Renewed wizard project creation

Thanks to a reviewed project creation wizard, it is now possible to create a new project, in an intuitive manner, using three simple steps.
Thresholds management

Possibility of assigning one or more properties of an object (e.g. colour change) to a variable (Bit, Group of Bits or Word) through guided procedures, without having to use Script code and thus further facilitating the development of the application as well as the conversion process of a project from VT to IT
Advanced objects handling

The objects handling functionality without the use of Script code is further advanced in order to have greater functionality and performance.
Simple Event Banner

The classical management of the ISA type Banner, is now given the possibility to select the SIMPLE EVENT mode.

Through this functionality, the user will be notified relative of an alarm triggers in a non-invasive mode and will have the entire touch area at disposal even if the alarm is not acknowledged immediately.
CodesysŪ Driver on Ethernet and serial port

Drivers are issued for direct communication via Ethernet or via devices Serial port:
WAGO (Ethernet)
KUHNKE (Ethernet and serial)
KEB (Ethernet)

Polymath also offers the possibility to import and export the list of variables directly in the format used by the CodesysŪ programming software.
Installation menu

A new quicker and more intuitive installation menu.

The Polymath suite is fully compatible with the Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP and Windows Vista operational systems and is available in 6 languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish, French and Chinese.


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