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The CIEC - Venturing Officer's Association (VOA) meets the 4th Tuesday of the  month at the council office in Redlands at 7 PM. 
Members of the VOA meet to exchange ideas, coordinate council venturing events and provide for inter crew fellowship and activities.  All venturers are invited.

VOA Minutes and notes.
VOA Meeting Minutes


Crew Introductions:
    Crews Present: 141, 604, 488, 800, & Ship 195
    Crew Reports:
        141: Lake Silverwood fishing trip... due to unforeseen circumstances, 141 may soon be folding
        488: HAT Canoeing trip in November, Religious retreat the previous weekend.
        800: Amateur Radio Expo, San Clemente Beach trip, participation in Operation on Target, first crew Eagle ceremony
        604: Preparation for Philmont, hiking, Webelos Woods, assist at troop meetings, distinguished citizen dinner
        195: Active, cardboard boat races

Old Business:
    Woodbadge: 27th-29th of September at Boseker Scout Reservation
        Venturers present the Leave No Trace campsite, and present games, and join the patrols to show the youth presence that can be found in Venturing
    Stampede (Sheriff’s Rodeo): 29th of September, lifeguards are desperately needed for the canoeing area
New Business:
    Haunted Helendade/Eerie Emerson: October 27th, 2007
        Cost is $11 per child and $8 per adult
        To sign up please contact volunteer services at the council office
    MegaVersity:  October 20th, 2007
        Informational classes that pertain to various fields of scouting. Currently, we are looking for Venturers to host a booth and provide information about venturing.
    ARC Schools & Community First Aid & CPR Course: October 13th, 2007
        at the CIEC Council Office. Course space is limited to the first 30 participants. Please contact volunteer services to obtain a space. Cost is $25
    JOTA: October 20th, 2007
        Venture Crew 800 and Yucaipa Valley Amateur Radio Club are hosting Jamboree on the Air. This is the 50th year of JOTA, and the 100th year of scouting, so many participants are expected worldwide.
        For more information, please contact Charles Kinnear, or visit Crew 800’s website:
        If interested, please contact and make reservations... space may be limited, but we are looking for as many participants as possible!
    Pumpkin Train Ride: October 13-14th, 20-21st, 2007
    Salty Rat HAT Training: November 3rd, 10-11th
        Canoeing High Adventure Training Course
        Involves one weekend of learning the basics of canoeing, and on the second weekend a canoeing trip throughout Mission Bay. For more information, please contact Michael Case, Paula Boothe, or volunteer services. 
        VOA Elections are coming up! October, our next meeting is time for nominations. If you or a member of your crew is interested, please be sure to attend and  nominate them or yourself. Thank you!
    Choosing new dates for VOA:
        As conflicting schedules make meeting every month harder, Paula Boothe proposed that during the next calendar year, the VOA meets every three months as opposed to every month. This proposal was also linked to perhaps have the meetings scheduled as to occur at major Venturing activities; VLSC, RangerQuest, etc.
    Sports Chalet Gift Wrapping: December
        Sports Chalet asks for volunteers to wrap gifts outside local Sports Chalet in uniform. It is highly recommended as a form of advertising Venturing, and while sales are not allowed, a tip jar is recommended. All supplies are provided. Contact your local Sports Chalet for more information or ask Pat Rodgers for more details. TOUR PERMITS ARE REQUIRED!

Advisor’s Minute: Paula spoke about her happiness seeing the many crews present. As the future of scouting, Venturer’s need to promote the fun, camaraderie, and fellowship found in scouting, and specifically venturing.

Meeting closed at 8:00 PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Carla Kinnear, VOA Secretary
 Opening: The meeting opened at 7:06 PM with 10 youth and 7 adults present.
    Venturing Oath

Crew Introductions and Reports
    The following crews were present: Crew 141, Crew 310, Crew 488, Crew 604, Crew 800, and Ship 195
Old Business:
    RangerQuest: Amy discussed the week spent working on Ranger/Quest advancement at Boseker Scout Reservation
    Mega Versity- 20th of October; Mega Versity is looking for volunteers to give a presentation on Venturing. If you/your crew is interested, please contact Charles Chapman
    Woodbadge- 27th-29th of September; Venturing volunteers are to present Leave No Trace to the fall Woodbadge course at Boseker Scout Reservation
    Stampede- 29th of September; they are currently looking for lifeguards and other volunteers. (Flyer is available) Please contact Paula Boothe if you are interested.

New Business:
    JOTA: Crew 800 is sponsoring a JOTA event on October 20th, 2007 at the Yucaipa Valley Amateur Radio Clubhouse in Yucaipa. All crews, troops, and packs are invited to attend. Please contact a Crew 800 member to discuss times for your visitation if you are interested.
Advisor’s Minute
Closing: Meeting closed at 8:05 PM; refreshments followed

Respectfully Submitted,
Carla Kinnear, VOA Secretary 


Venturing Crew 800 - Radio Scouting,
Chartered organization: Yucaipa Valley Amateur Radio Club, Yucaipa, California