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Looking backward...

History of My Music Adventures

Sometime around 2008, I downloaded the free Sony Acid Express music program and began experimenting with music creation with loops.  Even with the limitations of the free version of software, it is very capable of creating music in any style or genre.  I also used Music Maker for MySpace, and Mixcraft, both which were free as well.  Then in 2009, I purchased Sony Music Studio 7 for my birthday and was able to take music creation to a whole new level.  I read all I could on the internet, purchased books about music, and read Computer Music magazine which includes a CD/DVD of music software and samples.  As I created music I also became interested in the VST plugin technology that allows you to create soft synths and instruments.  On one Computer Music magazine CD was a free version of SynthMaker.  I experimented with it, studied examples, and created several VSTi plugins.
Go to the VSTs, Tools, and Tutorials page on the menu at the left for examples of some of my vst plugins created with Synth Maker.

My Background

I have a Ph. D. in chemistry and as I mentioned previously, do not have a formal music background.  I consider my attempts at music creation as amateurish at best.  However, I enjoy listening to various styles of trance music and so musician/DJs such as Tiesto, Moby, Craig Connelly, and others inspired me to create similar music.  A lot of my music is more soundscape or cinematic.  But I have tried creating many genres including country, celtic, dubstep, and rock.