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On this page, I'll include one or more sets of vst plugins that I have created and instructions that may help others in their music production.

Tools and Materials That I Use

DAW - Sony Music Studio 7
Audio editor - Audacity, Wavepad
VST ceation - SynthMaker
VST GUI creation - Paint.NET, Skinman
Midi Controller - Casio CTK 533 keyboard with USB midi interface

On-Line Digital Audio Workstation and Music Creation Tools

Don't have a DAW or music software?  Fortunately there are free on-line DAWs available.  I have used both of these.  To save your work, you have to set-up an account.  I get around that by just using the audio editor, Audacity, and just record my music piece that I created with the online DAW through my sound card while playing it back.
Click on the DAW titles below to go to that website.


Loop Labs is a free online DAW that is actually made up of several style DAWs:
Remix Studio
Adidas Studio
The Music Studio
Dupstep Studio
Electro-House Blender
I have used the Music Studio and Dupstep Studio to create music.  They come with a large library of music loops to create your music.

Jam Studio

Jam Studio is a slightly different DAW from Loop Labs.  Jam Studio lets you create your music by selecting keys and chords, and instruments.  Follow the beginning tutorial when you first go to the web page.  You can create without registering.  Just record while playing back.


DAW - digital audio workstation - software used to create/compose music.
VST Plugin - virtual studio technology plugin: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Studio_Technology) is a progarmming language developed by the Steinberg company (http://www.steinberg.net) in 1996 that allowed creation of software based musical instruments and affects using principles of digital signal processing (DSP).
Synthesizer terms (Oscillator, ADSR, LFO) - for definitions refer to wiki

My VSTi and Effects Plugin Downloads

Please Note:  These vst plugins are for windows operating systems only (sorry).  They have been tested in Sony's Music Studio 7 and the vst plugin program Savihost.  While they should work in most windows based DAW software that have vst plugin capability, their behavior in other DAWs has not been tested.
You should always check any file your download, regardless of the website, with both anti-virus and anti-spyware/malware software before installing to insure it is clean.  To the best of my knowledge, there are no spyware or malware in these files.  Only Synthmaker is used to create the vst plugins, Savihost standalone vst host software for demonstration purposes, and pdf of instructions are included in the files.
Also, since I am using a special version of SynthMaker software (SynthMaker CM), it requires that a "made with SynthMaker and Computer Music" logo to be automatically included with the compiled plugin.  That logo is a clickable link to the Synthmaker website. 

9/17/12 Added new wave table creation tool
I added a new tool called Single Cycle Wave Morpher.  It allows creation of wave tables for use in vsti synths that can import wave tables.  It is available at the Box.net link below

Single Cycle Wave Morpher Tool
Wave Draw Window Display

Download link for Single Cycle Wave Morpher

8/10/12 Added New vst effect - Guitar Amp
A stereo guitar amp vst effect plugin created in SynthMaker CM software.  Features tone controls for treble, mid, and bass; Overdrive; Distortion; Presence; Brightness with lead and bass guitar switching; reverb; filter with lowpass, highpass, bandpass, band reject, and peaking filters and frequency readout; master volume control and bypass switch.
Tested in Sony Music Studio 7, MS Windows XP SP3.  Preset manager allows saving and reloading presets.  

Guitar Amp vst effect plugin

Additional Information pdf file download

Guitar Amp vst effect plugin download (dll file)at Box.net

7/01/12 New VSTi Synth added - "Wav Tab Synth"
I have added a new synth to my collection, a wave table synth vsti plugin.  You can download a copy at www.box.net at the link below


Wav Tab Synth download at box.net

12/18/11 - Added New SynthMaker vsti plugin Thumb Piano
I have added a new vsti I created in SynthMaker.  It is a Thumb Piano, aka Mbira and originates from Africa.  I used a photo of the actual instrument I have, recorded and edited the actual notes to use with the vsti.  I have added some sound shaping tools (ADSR, chorus, and pitch shifter) as well.  You can down load the free vsti plugin dll at box.net by clicking on the image of the thumb piano below.


Final Version of Dark Moon vsti plugin Available for Download
I have finalized the vsti.  Click on the picture to download a free copy at Box.net


11/21/11 New free vsti plugin available at Box.net - "Dark Moon"
I have uploaded a new synth I created in SynthMaker CM software.  Click on the link to down load a copy to try out free.

Dark Moon vsti plugin at Box.net - download


10/1/11 Current vst effect work-in-progress Guitar Amp
Using Synthmaker CM and Paint.Net graphics software programs, I have created a Guitar Amp.  It is based on several others work at the Synthmaker forum and I had some help with the VU meters and the vacuum tube graphics from people at the forum.  Others have created amp vst effects plugins, but I am proud of this one and have put a lot of work into it over time.  I do not have it ready as a vst plugin yet, but the Synthmaker osm file is available at the link below (click on the Guitar Amp pic to go to box.net to download it)

Guitar Amp

The guitar amp has an overdrive for distortion, a cabinet size adjustment, animated vacuum tube (in lower bottom left in the grating) that "warm up" when the power switch is turned on and "cool down" when it is turned off.  It also has the standard flanger, reverb, and filter to further warp the sound.  I also have a randomizer module on the Cab size adjustement that when turned on, modulates the sound.  It needs more work. 

9/11/11 - Created vst Effect plugin - Low High Filter
Inspired by the simple two knob filter effect created by Arctican called, "The Pilgram", I used SynthMaker CM to attempt to create my own version.  You can download a copy at my Box.net page by clicking on the link.


Low High Filter vst Effect Plugin Download link at Box.net

8/21/11 Added New VST Plugin - Zound Maker
Added a new vst plugin created in SynthMaker CM.  It is a sound FX type vst plugin to use in your DAW, game creation, or movie.  It is capable of simple synthesizer sounds to sci-fi phaser and distorted spacey sounds.
You can download a free copy at www.box.net free file sharing website at the following link:

Zound Maker Free Vst Plugin at box.net

Picture of Zound Maker VST Plugin

Zound Maker sound capabilities are demo below.  Click on the movie to hear them and see typical knob settings.

Zound Maker Sound Demo

7/3/11 Added New VST Instrument Plugin-"Synthsation"
Added a new vst plugin.  A simple two oscillator synth with filters.  31 preset sounds are included as a starting point for sound creation.  Click on the figure below to download a copy from Box.net.

Synthsation VST Plugin
Click on figure to download at box.net website

6/23/11 - New vst plugin "Kick In-hancer"
I created this vst plugin to enhance kick drum sounds based on a tutorial at the AudioTutsplus website.  It was created in SynthMaker CM and uses a 50 Hz sine wave.


Click to download Kick In-hancer vst plugin at www.box.net

4/25/11 New Synth Added - "WavPlay"
I added a new synth I created in CM SynthMaker program using all standard modules.  It is nothing really special, more of an experiment in creating a GUI panel.  It does have a nice super saw sound with a filter and reverb effect.  You can upload your own wave file and have the synth play a totally different sound.
I also included the SynthMaker osm file incase you want to see how it was put together.  A pdf description document is in the zipped file located at the free file storage website - Box.net.  Below is a picture of how the synth looks: 

WavPlay Picture
WavPlay Synthesizer VST Plugin

Download WavPlay Synth at Box.net by clicking this link

Below is one of my first plugins I call Gynth (Guitar - Synthesizer)
I created it using the software program, SynthMaker.

Gynth VST plugin
Click Gynth graphic for large pic.

You can download Gynth and give it a try from the following website: http://www.box.net/shared/fmitl0zcje
It is zipped.  Just unzip into a folder.  The zipped file contains three files: a Gynth VST plugin dll, a Savihost executable, and a Gynth Instruction pdf. Savihost is a stand alone vst plugin host which allows you to try it out with out having a sequencer, digital audio workstation (DAW), or other music vst software. 

Another vsti plugin I have created is War Drums.  It uses sampled sounds.  I could not find a free version of the type of drums, particularly the taiko drum sound, so I made one to use in dramatic or cinematic music.  A picture of it is below.

War Drums VST plugin
Click on the War Drums graphic for larger pic.

War Drums can be downloaded from http://www.box.net/shared/gxqnmogrmd
It is a zipped file.  An Instruction pdf is included in the zip file.

Below is my attempt at creating a bagpipes vsti plugin.  It still needs a lot of work.  I would prefer to make it with fully synthesized sounds instead of sampled.  That would cut down on the file size of the plugin and allow more flexibility in manipulating the sounds.  It can be downloaded at the following link.  The file is zipped containing 3 files: Piper dll, Piper executable (Savihost), and an instruction pdf.  just unzip into a folder, read the pdf, and double click the Piper.exe file to use.  To use in a DAW just copy the dll into your DAW vst folder.

Piper VST plugin
Click on Piper graphic for larger pic.

Piper download at box.net

Here is a simple two oscillator vst plugin I created in SynthMaker from readily available modules posted in the forum, so I can not take any credit for it.  The modules were not optimized so CPU use goes up considerably (15-30%) when in use.  I used the graphics program Paint.Net to create the brushed semi-metallic purple GUI and the module graphics are standard SynthMaker modules.

2 Osc Synth VST plugin
Click on 2Osc_Synth graphic for larger pic.

You can download this 2Osc_Synth at http://www.box.net/shared/kr6oo8pfed

Simple One Oscillator Synth
Below is one of my recent SynthMaker creations - a simple one oscillator vstplugin synth.  While it is simple, it allows flexibility in sound creation by use of the Step LFO and Filter.  You can down load a copy to try out from the link below at www.box.net.  Also, the instructional pdf doc can be viewed and down loaded from this website before down loading the actual synth.

click here to download instruction pdf

Simple One Oscillator Synth
Click on the piture graphic for a large pic

OneOscSynth download at box.net

Harmonizer Synth
My most recent SynthMaker vsti plugin is the Harmonizer.  It is a simple two oscillator synth with a Moog filter.  To download a copy to try just click on the graphic.

Harmonizer Synth
Click on the graphic to download a copy at box.net

If you would like to read the instruction pdf document before actually downloading the synth to try out, please click the link below.

click here to download the Harmonizer instruction pdf file