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Sample Music

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7/1/12 Added New Track
I created a new track at Soundcloud.  It is kind of a acoustical/electronic style.  You can listen to it below or download a copy.

12 0630 guitar by Ph. DJ

10/09/11 New track added - electronica style
I added a new track to Sound Cloud today.  It doen't have a name as of yet.  It is a mix of electronic style with rock style guitar.  Created from loops from Sony's free 8 Pack and others.  I am learning to work with loops more such as chopping them to create different effects.  Used Sony's Music Studio 7 to create the track and mix down, then used Audacity to master in to add some EQ and fade out at end.  Click on the play button below to listen or go to the Sound Cloud page to listen to it and other tracks of mine.

11 1001 Electronic by Ph. DJ

10/1/01 Added revised Trance-Indental Euro music track
I have revised the track and even thou I am still not really satisfied with it, I think I am done working with it for a couple of reasons:  I am bored with it,  I could not really get the gated- Euro sound I was hoping for, and working with the current verison with both Alchemy player and Zebra CM vsts and Trance Gate effect plugin kept crashing Sony Music Studio 7 software.  I finally had to set everything based on trial and error and then render with out listening to the version, just to keep the software from crashing.  Anyway...here it is in it's final version at Sound Cloud.

Trance-Indental Euro ver3 by Ph. DJ

9/10/11 - Removed Trance-indental Euro track
I am revising the track to try and make the gate more in-sync and will repost when completed.  Stay tuned.

9/5/11 - Added new music track - "Trance-indental Euro"
Click on play button below or go to my Sound Cloud page to listen.

Trance-indental Euro by Ph. DJ

9/4/11 Added New Music Track - "Pluto's Lament"
A song about the planet Pluto realizing it is no longer considered a planet and now it must find it's place in the universe, just like all of us.  The music was inspired by music of Delerium.  Only music loop used was the drum beat taken from a free African midi loop called Zepaula, a style of African music.  The following vstis were used:
Alchemy player
Alpha Free
Trance Drive
AM Karbass
Processing involved using Audacity 1.3 audio editor, removing a pop at the beginning which was an artifact of down-mixing, then EQ to increase bass and high frequencies lost during noise removal processing.
Click on the player button below to listen or go to my Sound Cloud site, http://soundcloud.com/ph-dj-1/ to listen or download for off-line listening.  Let me know what you think or post comments here or on my Sound Cloud site.
Thanks, and enjoy - Ph D(J)

Pluto's Lament by Ph. DJ

8/27/11 - Added New Soundscape Music Track - Where Are We Going?
Created in Sony Music Studio 7 using Rez 3 (arpeggiated), Alchemy Player (Pads), and Eternity Free (lead) vsti plugins.  Beat/drum loops are from the Sony free 8 Pack - Chimera.

Where Are We Going by Ph. DJ

8/21/11 - Added New Cinematic Track "March Home"

March Home by Ph. DJ

7/31/11 - New Track Added - "Electro Indian"
I wanted to try something different.  I like contemporary world music styles like tribal, celtic, oriental, and middle eastern.  I put this track together with a few loops, added parts from vst plugins: Delay Lama and Homegrown Sitar.  I finished up by mastering in Audacity with EQ, compression, and fade out.  Listen to it by clicking the arrow on the player below or click the link to go directly to Sound Clound to my page to listen.

Link to "Electro Indian" music track at Sound Cloud.

Electro Indian by Ph. DJ

7/24/11 Revised/edited Redox Music Track
I reworked the kick drum of the track to give it more thump, might not even be that noticeable, just sutle change.  used EQ, delay, and compression.

Redox kick edited2 by Ph. DJ

7/17/11 Added new Trance music track - "Redox"
Worked on a new trance track and posted on Sound Cloud today.  Has a nice beat but repeats probably too much.  Prepared in Sony Music Studio 7 with Alpha Free, Karbass, and Alchemy Player vst plugins as well as FAC Kick drum, snare, clap,loops and midis.  I think I maxed out my PC doing this one with all the layers and large vst plugins.  The mix down resulted in some clicking that can be heard with headphones.  I guess I need to upgrade the RAM on the PC and change some of the buffer settings. 
Hope you like it.  You can click on the link to go to the Sound Cloud webpage to listen, or click on the play button below to listen while on this page.

Redox music track at Sound Cloud.com

Redox by Ph. DJ

7/4/11 - Added New Track "Zwiterion Amalgam" at Sound Cloud
Finally felt like finishing a music track and posted it on Sound Cloud today.  It is made up of music loops from Sony's free Acid 8 pack called "Changeling".  It is a mixture of electronica, drum beats, trance, and acoustic guitar.  I named it "Zwitterion Amalgam meaning a mixture or blending of positive and negative (different charges or type of music i.e. trance and acoustic guitar).  Click on the link below to go to the Sound Cloud website to have a listen or to download for free. 

Music Track "Zwitterion Amalgam".

Zwitterion Amalgam by Ph. DJ

6/25/11 - New Soundscape Track added at Soundcloud
I added a new music track I have been working on at Sound Cloud.  It is a soundscape track with some trance added.  Created in Sony Music Studio 7 using music loops from Music Radar (Vince Watson samples) and Sound to Sample Trance Nights.  Click on link below to listen.

Beginnings soundscape Music Track

5/22/11 - New draft unfinished Trance Track Added at Sound Cloud
I added a new trance music track at sound cloud today.  It is a very basic one, but it is all original except the drums (free kick drum loops were used for the drum beat).  It was created in Sony Music Studio 7 using the following vst plugins: Dream Sequencer, Kar Bass, A-Pad, Trance Drive, and Alchemy Player.  I mastered the track in Audacity with some bass boost, EQ, compression, and fade out at end of track.  Needs more work, I am sure.  Check it out at Sound Cloud by clicking on the link below:

New Unfinished Trance Track at Sound Cloud

5/15/11 New Music Track Submitted to Click Produce
I created a new music track using loops provided by Click Produce website and submitted it for the Ibiza competition.  You can check it out by clicking on the following link:

Ibiza Rumble music track @ Sound Cloud

4/09/11 - New Music Track Added "Carribean Summer"
I have added a new short music track called "Carribean Summer" at the Sound Cloud website.  I actually created this track back in June 2010. I like the sound of steel drums but could not find a free vst plugin that gave that sound.  I finally used the DMI Hammer vst plugin with the marimba preset and it gave close to the sound I was looking for.  This is one of the first tracks where I completed my own midi programming rather than use loops.  I mastered the track using Audacity with some EQ and compression.
Hope you like it. 

Link to Carribean Summer music track at Sound Cloud

Other examples of my music are posted on Sound Cloud website.  Here are some links:
This music is more of an attempt to create music using a automatic composer software module connected to a basic vsti plugin. The automatic composer randomly repeats notes played thru the synth. Needs more work.

Created with loops and free Gregorian chant vocals. I have attempted to blend old traditional Gregorian chant with a modern beat. The ongoing bell sound gives the feel of being in the monastery during worship.


Another soundscape created with acid loops. Tried to create a contrast between the strong warrior war sound of the drums and the bright guitar sound, mixed with atmospheric pads.

Techno/trance style with vocals

2/27/11 - New Trance Track - Back and Forth
Created new trance track called Back and Forth.  Created using free/royalty free acid music loops in Sony Music Studio 7.  Layer several loops to create depth and accented the build ups and release.  No mastering done on this track.  Hope you like it.  Listed at Sound Cloud.  Click on link to go there and listen.

3/13/11 New Music Track added
Added a new music track at Sound Cloud.  It is an old school trance style track.  I used free midi samples from Dance Midi website, AlphaFree vsti for the instrument using the detuned preset, layered kick drums, and trance style FX.  Track was sequenced in Sony Music Studio 7. 

New trance track, "Bright Future".

3/22/11 - New Rock/Trance Music Track Added - "Lock and Load"
Added a new music track, well actually created a while back and just now adding.  I let my son name it and he came up with "Lock and Load".  I guess it reminds him of waiting while picking your weapons in a video game.  It is rock guitar mixed with trance elements.  Made with free music loops, mixed in Sony Music Studio 7 and mastered in Audacity (bass boost and 2:1 compression).
Hope you like it.

New music track added 3/22/11 - "Load and Load"

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